Visitors may park in the pay lot located in the parking garage near the corner of South 7th Avenue and Grant Street. The entrance is located on South 7th Avenue. They may also buy a daily hangtag that allows them to park in any SB, E or F parking lot. You may buy permits at University Police located on the corner of South 7th Avenue and Kagy Blvd.

 There is no long term free parking anywhere on campus. All parking lots are permit only Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm excluding staff holidays. However, there are several 15 minute standing areas (no unattended vehicles) and several 30 minute parking areas where vehicles may be left unattended for up to 30 minutes. These areas are colored orange on the parking map, located here

There are several ways to get a permit to park on campus. If you will be attending classes here at MSU or you are, or will be, employed here, you may purchase a permit online. The very first link under the Parking Services navigation on the left will take you to buy a permit. You may also buy daily and short term permits in person at University Police located on the corner of South 7th Avenue and Kagy Blvd. The front counter is open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday except on holidays.

In general, parking on campus is controlled between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday-Friday. We suspend enforcement and open the lots for commencement and move in days. We also, from time to time, allow parking in certain lots for special events such as Special Olympics. Additionally, after 6:00 pm on weekdays, all day on weekends and on staff holidays, parking is available for free. There are some exceptions: there are a few parking spaces on campus that are reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each of those spaces has a gold sign clearly stating that it is reserved 24 hours. Violators in these spaces are subject ticketing and/or towing regardless of day or time. Another exception is that the pay stalls (white numbered stalls) in the parking garage are controlled between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm Monday-Friday. Also, we occasionally close our parking lots for special events or maintenance. Vehicles parked in closed lots are subject to towing.

University system parking operations are required by state statute (MCA Title 20, Chapter 25; See Appendix A for details) to function as independent, non-state funded, self-sustaining business entities. All costs associated with the development, management, operations, and maintenance of the Parking Enterprise and parking facilities must be covered by revenue generated through user fees and enforcement fines. Parking fees are charged to legitimate users and customers of the parking system. Fees include revenue from permits and the MSU pay lot. Fees are tied to capital improvement reserves, maintenance of existing assets, planning activities, and purchased services (e.g., snow removal, cleaning, etc). We set our fee prices to cover these and other expenses associated with the parking enterprise.
If you lose your permit, or suspect it has been stolen, report it immediately to University Police. You can call 994-1723 to report it, but you will need to come in the police station located on the corner of South 7th Ave and Kagy Blvd. to get a new permit. Replacements cost $22 regardless of the type of permit lost. You will be asked to sign an affidavit affirming that you lost the permit or that it was stolen. Penalties for using a permit listed as lost or stolen include steep fines, towing, and possibly criminal charges so if a permit reported as lost or stolen is found, it is imperative that it be turned in to University Police immediately.
Absolutely. Refunds are prorated by month and based on the original purchase price. Call University Police (994-1723) for more details.
Yes. Upgrades to SB from F permits are $155 respectively. A Family Housing upgrade to SB is $79. Other upgrades are available as well; pricing depends on the time and permit types. Call University Police for more details.
Generally, drop-offs are arranged with the specific camp but normally we arrange to allow drop-offs and pick-ups between about 8:00-9:00 am and again between about 3:30-4:30, depending on the camp, in lots adjacent to the event, without charge or danger of receiving a citation. Parents wishing to stay and watch their children outside these times are required to purchase daily permits at either the Information Kiosk on S.7th and Grant, or University Police at S. 7th and Kagy Blvd.
Citations can be paid online, by mail or in person at University Police. Go to the appeals parking web page here. The second link on the left side navigation will allow you to pay a citation. You may also mail in the payment in the yellow envelope which was placed on your windshield. Alternatively, you may come in and pay the citation in person at University Police on the corner of Kagy Blvd. and S. 7th Ave. The Parking Services counter is open 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m on weekdays in the University Police building.
Citations may be appealed by clicking here and filing a notice to appeal online. If you have difficulties appealing a citation online call the University Police at 994-1723 for assistance. All appeals must be filed by the date designated on the citation. Appeals will be heard by the Parking Appeals Committee. Fines upheld by the Parking Appeals Committee must be paid within seven days. Failure to do so will constitute a second offense also subject to a late fee.
In order to park in ADA spaces on campus, both a valid state issued ADA permit and a valid MSU parking permit are required. Any MSU parking permit is valid, with a state issued ADA permit, in any ADA space on campus, regardless of other lot permit designations. For, example, an F permit, (our cheapest) along with an ADA permit, is valid for parking in the Hamilton ADA spaces, despite the fact that the Hamilton lot is a Reserved parking only (and our most expensive) lot. Daily MSU parking permits can be purchased at the University Police Station on the corner of Kagy Blvd and S. 7th Ave.
Because the Parking Enterprise is mandated by state law to be self-supporting, MSU gets no funding from the state to offset the costs associated with parking. By statute, all costs such as personnel, operations, maintenance, equipment purchases etc., must be offset by fees and fines. Making everyone who uses the system help pay for it is not only the fairest solution, but spreading those costs over a large population of users ensures the costs are as low as they can be for all. Finally, because everyone who uses the parking at MSU has to pay to do so, it is not a violation of the Americans with Disability Act to charge disabled users of the system as well.
MSU has approximately 175 ADA parking spaces located in various parking lots adjacent to heavily used buildings throughout campus. These parking spaces are delineated in blue on the campus parking map located here.
Because we do summer maintenance in all the lots over the summer, and because that requires the lots be completely empty, we do not allow cars to remain in the lots over the summer. However, Parking Services does maintain a small storage lot in which students and staff may store vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. This service is available year round. The lot is locked, alarmed and monitored 24/7. Availability is first come, first served. Contact University Police for more details and current fee information.