Official Name

Donor/ Honor

Named For:

AJM Johnson Hall Honor For Arthur J.M. Johnson, head of the physics department from 1938-1968.
Norm Asbjornson Hall Donor Named for Norm Asbjornson, a 1960 MSU mechanical engineering graduate and recipient of an honorary doctorate in engineering from MSU and the Board of Regents in 2004. Norm donated funds to the College of Engineering.
Atkinson Quadrangle Honor For Alfred Atkinson, fourth President of MSU. (Buildings also known as The Quads)
Barnard Hall Donor Originally Engineering Physical Sciences (EPS), this building was dedicated in 2016 to Tim and Mary Barnard following their donated funds to the College of Engineering.
Branegan Apartments Honor Named for Gladys Branegan, Dean of home economics who introduced the field of child development to the department.
Brick Breeden Field House Honor Former member of the Golden Bobcat basketball team, John "Brick" Breeden later became the head basketball coach for seventeen years
Cheever Hall  Honor Named for Hurlbert Cheever, architecture faculty member for forty years and head of the school for nineteen. 
Cobleigh Hall Honor  Named for William Cobleigh, head of the chemistry department and Dean of the College of Engineering in the early 1900's. 
Colter Wing Honor  Part of the Lewis and Clark Dormitories, in honor of John Colter, an explorer who traveled with Lewis and Clark. 
Cooley Laboratory Honor  Named after Robert A. Cooley, head of the department of zoology and entomology for thirty years. 
Culbertson Hall  Honor  Part of the Lewis and Clark Dormitories; Named for Alexander Culbertson, who came to Montana as an agent for the American Fur Company and was responsible for the building of Fort Benton. 
Danforth Chapel Donor  The Chapel was built with financial funding from the Danforth Foundation. 
Dyche Field Honor  Practice field named for Schubert Dyche; baseball, footbal, and basketball coach during the 1920's and 1930's. 
Fisher Court Honor  Named after Wallace Fisher, an electrical engineering graduate of MSU who received an honorary doctor of engineering degree in 1975. 
Gaines Hall Honor  Named for Pascual Gaines, faculty member for forty-three years and head of the chemistry department. 
Gatton Field Honor  Named for Cyrus Gatton, captain of the 1915 Bobcat football team who was killed in action in the first World War. (Now a memorial) 
Grant-Chamberlain Apartments Donor/ Honor  These apartments were named in memorial for Nancy Grant Chamberlain who died in a plane crash with her husband and four children. Funding donated by parents Eugene and Mildred Grant, MSU alumni. 
Hamilton Hall Honor  Named after Emma Hamilton, wife of President Hamilton. 
Hannon Hall Honor  For Olga Ross Hannon, faculty member and head of the art department from 1931-1947. 
Hapner Hall Honor  Named for Leora M. Hapner, faculty member and head of the deaprtment of education and psychology from 1932-1947. 
Harrington Park Honor  Named after Frank M. Harrington, head of the department of horticulture. 
Haynes Hall  Honor Part of the Creative Arts Complex; named for Jack Ellis Haynes, famed pictorial recorder of Yellowstone National Park. 
Hedges Hall  Honor The twin residence halls (Hedges North and Hedges South) were named for Cornelius Hedges, who served four terms as territorial superintendent of schools and is sometimes called "the father of education in Montana."
Herrick Hall Honor  In honor of Una B. Herrick, first dean of women and director of the College of Household and Industrial Arts. 
Howard Hall Honor  Named for Louis Howard who joined the faculty in 1908 and served as band director for thirty-eight years.
Huffman Building Honor  Named after Roy E. Huffman, Dean of the College of Agriculture, director of the agriculture experiment station, vice president of research, and executive director of the Foundation. 
Jabs Hall Donor  Named for Jake Jabs following his gift to the university to expand the College of Business. 
Johnson Family Livestock Facility Honor/ Donor Named for the Johnson family of Stillwater County who were heavily invested in veterinary research and donated a livestock ranch to MSU. 
Johnstone Center  Honor  Part of the Lewis and Clark Dormitories; Named for William A. Johnstone, former vice president of administration. 
Jutila Research Laboratory Honor  For John Jutila who was MSU's vice president for research from 1978-1990. 
Kellogg Center Donor  This farm house was remodeled into an adult education center following a grant from the Kellogg Foundation. 
"Peter" Koch Tower  Honor Named for Peter Koch, early Bozeman banker and member of the first Local Executive Board, the committee appointed to oversee the college in its earliest days. 
Langford Hall Honor  Named for Nathaniel P. Langford, Montana pioneer and first superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. 
Leon Johnson Hall Honor  Named for Leon H. Johnson, professor of biochemistry, executive director of the Endowment and Research Foundation, Dean of Graduate Studies, and President from 1964-1969. 
Lewis Hall  Honor Named for Meriwether Lewis, naturalist and co-leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-1806. 
Linfield Hall Honor  For Frederic B. Linfield, director of the agriculture experiment station and dean of the College of Agriculture from 1913 to 1937. 
Malone Centennial Mall Honor  Named after Mike Malone, former MSU President. 
Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center  Honor For Marga Hoseaus, longtime director of women's health and physical education. 
Marsh Laboratory  Honor Named for Hadleigh Marsh, director of the laboratory from 1929-1959. 
McCall Hall Honor  For William McCall, Registrar and English professor. 
Miller Stock Pavilion Honor  Named for Robert W. Miller who developed the horse program at MSU and served as rodeo coach. 
Mullan Wing Honor  Part of the Lewis and Clark Dormitories; Named for Captain John Mullan, a member of the Isaac Stevens expedition that charted a transcontinental railroad route across the northern United States as well as a roadway linking the headwaters of the Missouri and Columbia rivers. 
Nelson Dairy Center Honor  Named for John A. Nelson, first head of the dairy department and later the first Dean of the Graduate school. 
Nelson Story Tower Honor Named for Nelson Story, Bozeman pioneer and banker. He was also a member of the first State Board of Education and donated the site on which the school opened in 1893.
Nopper Building (Tech Park) Honor  Named for Thomas Nopper, Vice President of University Services. 
Perry Swine Testing Station Honor  For Clarence H. Perry, Fort Benton rancher who for years operated the only swine testing facility in the state. 
Plew Building Honor  Originally Plew Physical Plant; named for William R. Plew, acting head of architecture department and supervising architect of the campus. 
Post Field Research Laboratory Honor  Named for Arthur H. Post, member of the faculty and staff of the agricultural experiment station for forty-five years. 
Pryor Wing Honor  Part of the Lewis and Clark Dormitories; Named for Nathaniel Pryor, a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 
Reid Hall Honor  Named for James Reid, second president of the college. 
Renne Library Honor  For Dr. Roland Renne, past MSU president. 
Bobcat Stadium  (Honor)  Originally Reno H. Sales Stadium; named for Reno H. Sales, a member of the first Bobcat football team. 
Roberts Hall Honor  For William Milnor Roberts, chief engineer for Northern Pacific Railroad and president of the American Society for Civil Engineers in the late 1800's. 
Romney Hall Honor  Originally Romney Gymnasium; named for G. Ott Romney, head basketball and football coach in the 1920's. 
Roskie Hall Honor  Named for Gertrude Roskie, instructor in home economics, head of home economic department, and later Dean of the professional schools. 
Ryon Laboratories Honor  Named in 1939 for Augustus M. Ryon, first president of MSU. 
Sherrick Hall Honor  Named for Anna Pearl Sherrick, first director of the School of Nursing. 
Shroyer Gym Honor  Named after George Shroyer, MSU men's basketball coach. 
Strand Union Building Honor  Also known as the SUB, this building was named for college President, Dr. Augustus LeRoy Strand. 
Swingle Health Center Honor  Named for Deane B. Swingle, who was a professor of botany in 1906 and founded the department of botany and bacteriology. Later Swingle played a primary roll in establishing student health service and the nursing education program. Further, he served as acting president on several occasions. 
Taylor Hall Honor  For J.C. Taylor, leader of the Montana Extension Service in the 1920's through the 1940's. 
Tietz Hall Honor  For William J. Tietz who served as MSU's president from 1877 through 1990. 
Traphagen Hall Honor  For Frank W. Traphagen, one of the first faculty members of chemistry and natural sciences. 
Wait and Aasheim Gates Donor  The East and West end gates of Malone Centennial Mall; named following donation from the Wait and Aasheim families. 
Wally Byam Park Donor  Named for Wally Byam following his contributions to the park. 
Welch Veterinary Clinic Annex Honor  Named for Howard Welch, professor of veterinary science for thirty-eight years. 
Wilson Hall Honor  Named for Milburn L. Wilson; agricultural economist, faculty member, and later undersecretary of agriculture for President Roosevelt. 
Worthington Arena Honor  Named for Max Worthington, former Dean of Students.