Satellite image of Haynes, Cheever, and Howard Halls

Phase I (Howard and Cheever) - completed in summer 2013.

Phase II (Haynes Hall) - completed by the end of summer 2014

Structural upgrades were made in the summers of 2013 and 2014 to the buildings that make up the Creative Arts Complex at the MSU Bozeman campus. Built in 1974, the Creative Arts Complex consists of Haynes, Cheever and Howard Halls and houses the College of Arts and Architecture, School of Art and the School of Music, and College of Agriculture and Technology Education programs, as well as campus Registrar-scheduled classrooms and lecture/performance halls.

These three concrete frame buildings (see photos, below) were all designed and built simultaneously, and as such have very similar structural systems. The buildings are in good condition but were constructed prior to the current day modern seismic building codes, and the upgrades to be constructed within this project were for the purpose of improving their structural performance during a major seismic event.

In the concept phase of design the Consultant evaluated and presented multiple, viable options for seismic retrofit (i.e. concrete or cmu shear walls, shotcrete strengthening, steel frames, etc). Evaluation included cost, constructability, impact to current academic and auxiliary programs, and schedule implications of each option. Secondary benefits of each option, such as improved functionality or increase in programmable spaces, were also identified.

Construction was completed in the summer of 2013 for Howard and Cheever Hall's, and summer of 2014 for Haynes Hall. The reason for phasing the seismic project over two summers was to accommodate the fall school schedule as this project involves a tremendous amount of demolition in and around the buildings. The structural elements that were added to the buildings included complete removal and replacement of interior CMU walls, addition of CMU walls next to existing walls, grade beams with helical piers and the addition of interior and exterior steel brace frames.

Consultant: GCCM: MSU Contact:
Beaudette Consulting Engineers Langlas & Associates Andy Allen

Buildings before upgrade:

HAYNES - Eastside CHEEVER - Eastside HOWARD - Eastside
Haynes Hall Cheever Hall Howard Hall

Some in construction examples follow in the pictures below:

Seismic Refit Pictures