Freshman Residence Renderings

The new Freshman Residence Hall will be 120,000 square feet and will house about 400 students. Construction started September 2014 and will be completed June 2016, in order to open Fall 2016. The building is designed to meet LEED Silver Standards. The building will be located just west of Roskie Hall and Hedges Complex. The Residence Hall will have a mix of double and single occupancy resident rooms, and suite resident rooms. A mock up was built of a typical double occupancy resident room to help the Project Team finalize details, including room layout, mechanical systems, and furniture. The mock up is located in the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center lobby. There is alot of excitement and interest in MSU’s New Freshman Residence Complex!

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Consultant: GCCM: MSU Contact:
Schlenker and McKittrick Architects Langlas & Associates Inc. Daryl Curfman