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The Montana Hall North Landscape Upgrades project will effectively help to link the other newly enhanced outdoor areas near Jabs Hall and Alumni Plaza with the north entry of Montana Hall, one of the most iconic buildings on our campus. The project uses materials and design that physically connects people on the ground with other spaces nearby that offer outdoor seating, photographic opportunity and plentiful landscape plantings and lighting. The project also will improve the access from the south side of Montana Hall to the north entry. 

This project will involve the demolition of some existing sidewalk and the installation of new sidewalk and a circular paved space in the middle. In addition, it includes new sidewalks swooping around to the east and west sides of the building; new lighting and irrigation; and new tree and perennial plantings that have a similar look as Alumni Plaza. 

The construction necessitates that the north entry to Montana Hall be used for emergency exit only. Signs have been posted and caution tape strung, indicating that occupants should not plan on using this entrance day to day but instead only in an emergency. 

Construction began the week of June 19th. Construction is slated to be completed by the start of Fall Semester 2017. For more information or questions regarding the project, please contact the Project Manager, Candace Mastel, at 406-994-7457.