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In September of 2015 the university initiated the MSU Parking & Transportation Plan. The Consultant team includes Robert Peccia & Associates and Alta Planning & Design. The Consultant team will conduct data collection and analysis at the front end of the planning process and use that information to develop recommendations for the plan that focus on four major goals:

  1. Enhance mobility for MSU’s employees, faculty, students, and visitors.
  2. Protect existing parking facility investments and identify future parking needs and locations based on projected demands.
  3. Improve multi-modal connectivity between the campus and off-campus destinations.
  4. Reduce the number of single occupant vehicles on and around campus.

The Consultant’s scope of work includes:

  1. Project management and administration
  2. Identify goals and objectives
  3. Existing conditions assessment – Parking, transportation systems and current transportation demand management models (TDM)
  4. Peer review – review of policies and procedures in parking and transportation for other similar universities
  5. Future conditions assessment – student enrollment, building project impacts, etc.
  6. Develop recommendations
  7. Develop implementation strategy
  8. Master Plan preparation
  9. Planning outreach and meetings

Campus Planning, Design & Construction and the consultant team have met over the last year with campus constituents, including ASMSU, the University Facilities Planning Board, the President’s Executive Council, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, CSAC, and the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee. A public Meet and Greet was held on March 9th, 2017 and was well attended. Posters from that meeting are posted here as well as a draft version of the plan. Campus community input is welcomed based on this draft. Contact Project Manager, Candace Mastel at or 406-994-7457.