Campus landscapes and exterior spaces are a fundamental piece of MSU's social, aesthetic, cultural, and facilities infrastructure. CPDC's team of planners and designers follow the Landscape Master Plan to create spaces for gathering, outdoor classrooms and recreation. 

The Long-Range Building Program (LRBP) is a continuous process, led by the Montana State University President, to receive state appropriated funding. CPDC is responsible for coordinating kick-off meetings internally to start each biennial cycle of the LRBP. CPDC works with all four campuses and Montana Agricultural Experiment Stations (MAES) to gather data and support the development of the LRBP Project Priority List.

Site under development.

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Underground utilities should be located on campus property by utilizing the 811 Call Before You Dig system at least two full business days in advance of work.

Once the locate request has been submitted with 811, our University Locators mark University owned utilities. Non-University owned utilities are marked by the utility owner. 

Please refer to the Utility Locating Policy before breaking ground. If you are familiar with this policy, please fill out the Dig Safe Request Form

All utility locate services are provided free of charge. 

All campus building and rooms are drawn in CAD and available for campus use. 

  • Indoor event-preplanning - floor plans are drawn in CAD and can be provided by CPDC's CADD Technician
  • Outdoor event pre-planning - Aerial imagery, utility information, tree locates, sidewalks and service drive information can be provided by CPDC's Mapping Technician. 
  • High accuracy GPS location data recording - Contact CPDC's Mapping Technician
Jabs Staircase