Becoming actively involved in Montana State University through participation on the Parent & Family Advisory Board is a rewarding way to share your son or daughter's college years. Not to be confused with the traditional Parent Teacher Organizations, the PFA Board’s main role is to offer resources and support to MSU families and our students, to provide a network for parents and families to interact with one another and to share input with the university about various issues. Board members may be couples or individuals and are required only to have an interest in connecting more closely with Montana State University.  The following are the typical responsibilities of the Board:

  • To attend the annual meeting of the PFA in the fall of each year on campus during Parent/Family Fall Weekend and the mid-year meeting at a time/place chosen by the Board (this meeting is available via conference call – no travel required);
  • To assist with Parent & Family Fall Weekend: board members offer advice on programming and structure of the event and have ample opportunities to volunteer during the event (an excellent venue to network with other families about their students, the Bozeman area and campus resources) - 2016 Dates are October 20th-21st;
  • To help plan and implement the Parent & Family Fall Weekend Silent Auction;
  • To volunteer to attend other functions, such as Orientation, where the presence of the PFA is important;
  • To provide feedback to President Cruzado, the campus, and our community on behalf of parents/families on issues of concern;
  • To offer suggestions and comments regarding resources including the Parent Family Web site and the PFA newsletter;
  • To provide advice, assistance and support for a successful annual Parent's Fund appeal;
  • To share your talents with the PFA: the PFA is for you, your ideas and suggestions have a forum and there are many creative ways that you can be a part of strengthening the PFA and Montana State University.  Let us know how you would like to help!

Yes, I/we are interested in volunteering for the Advisory Board of the MSU Parent & Family Association.

MSU Student:
Year in school:
I can attend two board meetings per year (conference call is an option) and fulfill other duties as outlined above

What issues do you think the PFA should address in 2016-2017?