Parent/Family Association Advisory Board Spring Meeting

April 7, 2006



Jodie DeLay - MSU, Julie Kipfer - MSU, Cathy Conover - MSU, Lana Crabtree, D.D. Funderburk, DarLyn Harris, Sue Hiedeman, Lynn Johnson, Don & Di Miskill, Steve Scarff, Bill & Victoria Stockdale, Jim & Liz Taflan, Susan Ullmann, - via telephone

Introductions of attending board members were made at lunch. Julie Kipfer was given a gift certificate to the Silver Forest Bed and Breakfast along with a service appreciation plaque. Julie Kipfer presented appreciation certificates to departing board members: D.D. Funderburk, Don & Di Miskill, and Steve Scarff. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM by President's Don and Dee Miskill and the torch was officially handed off to Jodie DeLay.

Because a quorum was not present, the group agreed that the minutes would be sent to the full membership so that others who could not attend would have the opportunity to vote. If there is opposition regarding any of the decisions made herein, members who did not attend are asked to send their comments by Friday, April 21st. If there are not objections which would change the votes at the meeting, consent will be implied and the actions taken at the meeting will be considered approved.

Election of new officers:

President(s): Jim and Liz Taflan. Moved to close nomination by D.D. Funderburk, seconded by Don Miskill. All in favor of the nominees.
Vice President: Sue Hiedeman. Moved to close nomination Liz Taflan, seconded by Jim Taflan. All in favor of the nominee.
Secretary: Lynn Johnson. Moved to close nomination by DarLyn Harris, seconded by Lana Crabtree. All in favor of the nominee.

Old Business:

The cell phone fine will continue to be in effect for all future PFA meetings. A $50 fine on-the-spot will be paid to Jodie who will put it into the PFA fund. Note about technology: incoming calls can be silenced but voice mail alerts and text messaging may not have the capabilities to be silenced.

Sue Hiedeman was asked to speak about the Paul Rusesabagina Lecture. This is the true-life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsis refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda. She said that is was a wonderful lecture and well attended. It was pointed out by Jodie and Julie that these speakers almost always have a sell out. The Leadership Institute hosts 1 major speaker a year with an additional 6 - 8 other speakers. The board was encouraged to continue to support the Leadership Institute. Many thank you notes from various scholarship recipients and MSU organizations were passed around.

Cathy Conover gave thanks to Julie for all the work she has done for the PFA and also for Jodie's work with helping Julie and taking over the leadership role of the PFA.

It was noted that President Gamble was not able to attend our luncheon as he had a very busy schedule. He greatly values the group and sent his regrets.

New Business:

The College of Agriculture, on April 28th, will be presenting a scholarship from the PFA to a 4.0 freshman student. Jodie asked if someone from an agricultural background could attend to represent the PFA board. Cari Cloud would be contacted to participate and if she can't Sue Hiedeman said that she would.

Urban Expedition:
Julie said that she needs parents to sign up for all the sessions but noted that the 1st orientation is the busiest. She needs two people to attend each session. The brochure has already been mailed and she passed around a signup sheet to the attending board members. If there are slots still open, non attending board members will be contacted.

Orientation Info Fairs:
The PFA has a table in the area. Liz and Jim Taflan worked the table last year and said they felt it was invisible to the traffic. A suggestion was to get a better location next year. In past years location has been by first come first served. So the PFA may want to get there earlier for a more desirable location. Listed below are some suggestions to help draw people to our table.

  1. Display a poster with key points on what the PFA does.
  2. Don and Di Miskill suggested having a free $100 bookstore certificate raffle: where parents would submit their email address and in return a chance in the drawing. A total of 3 certificates would be needed so each session could offer the drawing.
  3. Steve Scarff suggested a Power Point presentation or a similar slide show on a laptop to be run at the table that would highlight the PFA activities.
  4. Julie had received a business card magnet from another University. We could use this concept that would have a pic of MSU with the PFA website address on the front. Jodie will be looking into the cost.
  5. Steve Scarff suggested also using a laptop for parents to key in their own contact information for the PFA.

Diane Allen - Director of Student Accounts
She came to speak to the PFA about a survey called the Parent Focus Group. The billing process is going paperless. All information on student accounts will be online and live. She asked the board to please fill out the survey and give our feedback. She asked they be turned back in to Jodie at the end of the meeting. We discussed that more members of the board would probably like to participate so Jodie will email this survey to each member and they in turn could be filled out and emailed back to Jodie. She will then pass them on to Diane.

Fall Weekend

  • Silent Auction - DarLyn Harris and Laura Sweeney will co-chair the organization and setup of the items. It was agreed to keep the area in the Northwest lounge area for displaying our items.
  • Revenue from Fall Weekend: $5,977.75
    Corporate Sponsorship - How do we proceed and open the opportunity for other sponsorships. It was suggested that corporate sponsorship could subsidize fees that parents pay for the weekend and if money were left over we could add it to our budget and disburse more monies towards scholarships. One way a sponsor may help is defray costs of parking for parents. Jodie will work with University Police to see if there is a way that parents could print a PDF or something that would allow them to get their parking sticker before they come and get their packet - possibly print something electronically. There was quite a discussion about all avenues of sponsorship but to summarize, a sub-committee from the board comprised of Don Miskill, D.D. Funderburk, Susan Ullman and Jodie DeLay will lay the ground work to proceed for this coming fall. Don Miskill moved for motion to proceed with Corporate Sponsorship seconded by Jim Taflan. All were in favor.
  • Jodie will be checking on the cost of the plastic bags that are used in the book store. Corporate sponsors may want to advertise with these to be used during Info Fair and PFA weekend.

Denim PFA Shirts:
There are still some shirts available so for those of you, who do not have one, contact Jodie DeLay for sizes. The goal is for all board members to wear these during PFA weekend so we are an identifiable group when at the registration table or wherever a "gaggle" of board members may gather.

Jan Bosch who supervises the student callers provided information on how the callers are trained. Comments from several of the board members complimented the training the student callers had received. She hires 25 students for the semester to do the calls.

Financial Reports:
We reviewed the 2005 and 2006 Phonathon Report and also the 2005 PFA Weekend Report.

  • Jodie needed the board to discuss and vote upon the $15,000 fee for Communication and Public affairs. This covers the cost of Jodie doing business for the PFA, including phone, postage, letterhead, time, etc. The board decided to keep the expense at $15,000 for the next 2 years. Don Miskill moved for a motion and seconded by DarLyn Harris. All in attendance approved.
  • The Library Tithe of 4.7% is committed expense.
  • The Foundation fees of 13% total collected on all foundation phonathons is a committed expense.

Phonathon fund request and distribution:
We had $20,000 in reserve monies and $30,000 in new money to be allocated. We originally decided to put $8,000 in reserve and $42,000 in allocations. As we went down the list we compared the disbursements for 2005 and what was being suggested for 2006. Prior to this year there were only 7 colleges. The college of University Studies was added this year. They are just beginning to grow an endowment so we decided to give them $1,000 to help start this process. We reviewed requests submitted to the board and fulfilled all that they asked for except the Library. We needed to review the Library request before we could allocate funds to the Scholarships. Please read below.

  • The library is looking for $15,000 endowment the 1st year and $5,000 every year after. It is to replenish their library collection. This request came to us in October and we tabled the request during our fall meeting. Mary Kay Flanagan had phoned Jodie and suggested that we allocate a smaller portion to the library and increase the amount of scholarships to each college. D.D. Funderburk pointed out that the Library has their own foundation to raise money besides the allocations they received from the Phonathon. The PFA has allocated over $40,000 to the library over a number of years. D.D. suggested that $5,000 would be a fair allotment to the Library. The board feels that the Library is an invaluable treasure to all students however; they could submit a yearly request like everyone else for consideration.
  • New Initiatives funding may be used for items needed during the Info Fair Orientation or costs of updating the PFA website. We allocated $2,000.
  • Scholarships were raised to $3,000 to each college respectively.
  • The reserve fund was raised to $10,000 so we disbursed $40,000.
Jim Taflan moved to allocate the monies as follows: $10,000.00 - left in reserve
  • $24,000.00 to scholarships ($3,000 to each of the 8 colleges)
  • $1,000.00 to the College of University Studies to help build their endowment
  • $2,000.00 for new initiatives of the PFA Board
  • $1,500.00 to the Spirit of the West Marching band
  • $2,000.00 to the Leadership Institute
  • $1,000.00 to the Student Activities Day of Student Recognition fund
  • $3,500.00 to Student Activities to be distributed to student clubs and activities
  • $5,000.00 to the Library

Lynn Johnson seconded the motion. All agreed in favor.

Don Miskill asked that a letter of appreciation be sent to Jan Bosch for the outstanding work she and the student callers did during the Phonathon.

Sue Ullman asked if a link could be placed on the MSU home page. Julie Kipfer said this could not be done yet as it would take money and someone's time to make that connection. Jodie will make this a priority in the next year.

Wrap Up:

Jodie thanked those on the board that were able to attend the meeting and asked if a Saturday would be better as it may allow more board members to attend. Everyone agreed to schedule next year's meeting on a Saturday.

Scarff motioned to adjourn the meeting seconded by Don Miskill.

Respectfully submitted,
D.D. Funderburk , PFA Secretary