PFA Constitution:

  1. Name:  This organization shall be known as the Montana State University-Bozeman Parent/Family Association.
  2. Purpose:  The Parent/Family Association is designed:
    • To better inform the families of enrolled students about MSU-Bozeman's mission, programs and services.
    • To serve as a liaison between parents/families and the university community and to develop a good rapport among those groups.
    • To invite families to become better acquainted with MSU-Bozeman through campus programs, meetings and activities.
    • To help publicize and stimulate enthusiasm for MSU-Bozeman.
    • To encourage qualified students to attend MSU.
    • To support career development opportunities for MSU graduates.
    • To support legislation for the growth and improvement of higher education in Montana and at MSU-Bozeman specifically.
    • To support services for students as they make the transition from home to MSU-Bozeman.
  3. Membership:  Members shall be all parents and family members with students attending MSU-Bozeman.  Parents and family members of former students shall be designated as ex-officio.
  4. Governance: 
    • The Association shall be governed by an Advisory Board with a diversity of backgrounds and interests. 
    • Officers:  The officers shall be the Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretary.
  5. Board Meetings:  The annual meeting will be held during the Fall Parent/Family Weekend.  There will be a Spring meeting held as designated by the University.  All members are welcome during board meetings.
  6. Campus Location:  The Association will be located in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.  The Assistant Director of Communications and Public Affairs will serve as the campus coordinator for the Board and the Association.
  7. Amendments:  Amendments may be proposed at the Fall meeting of the Board.  A two-thirds vote of those present is required for adoption.

PFA By-Laws

  1. Membership Qualifications:  All parent and family members of current students are included as members of the Parent/Family Association.
  2. Advisory Board:
    • All interested parents/family members may be selected for the Board.
    • Term of office shall be four or five years.  Ex-officio members may also be selected. 
    • Advisory Board members may be removed from the Board after missing two consecutive meetings.
    • Selection of Board members: Interested members will submit an information sheet to University Relations.  New members will receive a letter of appointment.
  3. Officers:  The officers shall be President, Vice President and Secretary.  Term of office will be April through March.
    • Qualifications: All elected officers shall have had a student enrolled at MSU-Bozeman.
    • Term of Office: Officers shall hold office for at least one year.  Term of office will be April through March.
    • Position descriptions: The President shall preside at all meetings.  The Vice President will assist the PResident when needed.  The Secretary will keep minutes of the meetings.  The Office of University Relations will coordinate all correspondence.
  4. Quorum:  One-third of the Advisory Board shall constitute a quorum.
  5. Amendments:  Proposed amendments to the By-Laws should be distributed to the Board prior to the meeting  at which they are to be acted upon.  Amendments are to be discussed at the Spring meeting and voted on at the Fall meeting.  A two-thirds majority of those present is needed for adoption.