PFA Fundraising Efforts

Annual Phonathon

Annual Phonathon Call Center

The Parent & Family Association conducts a phonathon each year to raise funds to support the organizations goals and priorities. Students phone the homes of parents to ask for monetary support. Monies raised through the phonathon are allocated by the Parent & Family Advisory Board.

For the past several years, the priority for the board has been to support student scholarships. This money is available for residents and non-residents, students of all ages and majors and may be either need or merit based, or both.  Each college has the authority to use it as determined to best fit the needs of its students.  YOUR student can apply for Parent & Family Association scholarships, as well as other scholarships, by visiting the Dean's office in their college.

In the last year the Board also allocated money to the Leadership Institute, Museum of the Rockies and Day of Student Recognition. For the first time, the Board contributed funds to the Office of Student Involvement Service Saturday program. The program was strongly supported by all as a great way to get students positively involved in the community, to meet new people and to gain a range of volunteer experience. 

Finally, the PFA has been increasingly active in providing resources directly to you...parents and families. The Family Newsletter is also an initiative of the Board and has been reinvented as the Bobcat QuarterlyThe GUIDE you may have received at Freshman Orientation is cosponsored by the PFA along with the Student Success Office.  This is YOUR association and your donation today will help insure that you have the services that you want to help you as a parent or family member of an MSU student.

For any questions regarding the Parent/Family Association, please contact Erin Macdonald-Peck at 406.994.2826 or at We need involved parents like you!

Testimonials from students who have received Parent/Family Association Scholarships:

I passionately desire to become the best teacher I can be, both professionally and personally, and that means learning everything I can while at MSU.  I truly love children and want to see the next generation succeed and posper.  Because of your gift, I am able to put more time and energy into both my studies and community involvement. - Jackie

I extend my sincerest thanks to you for financially supporting students like myself pursuing a degree in agriculture.  Without the support of donors like you, many students would struggle to continue their education.  I truly appreciate your generosity. - Mark

This scholarship will help me reach my educational goals because I am an out-of-state student and tuition is expensive for me. It really means a lot and the money will be put to good use. - Michael

I will be the first to graduate from college in my family and the first to attend graduate school from any of my extended family. My research will focus on the Latinos in the Gallatin Valley since little is known about coping and adaptation among Mexican migrants to a new settlement area. I am proud to be the recipient of this scholarship especially because of the financial situations I have been in.  This scholarship will help me continue my education and achieve my ultimate goals. - Yanet

The PFA Scholarship helps me with the financial aspect of my education which will eventually lead me to achieving so many more of my lifelong aspirations.  Your donation makes it possible for me to seize more opportunities and I am grateful for your support. - Amanda

This scholarship is important to me because I believe strongly in my education, and I want to continue to be able to help as many people as I can during and upon the completion of my education.  I plan on continuing my education to receive a Masters in Public Health and then obtaining a career with an organization that is dedicated to reducing health disparities locally and abroad. - Kelsey

Silent Auction


Silent Auction

The PFA Board hosts a silent auction during Parent/Family Weekend. We are still in need of chairpersons for Fall Weekend 2016. Please ask how you can get involved!

In the past the Board has donated all the items for the auction and we've made as much as $5,000 to direct 100% toward student scholarships. Ideas for this year, include soliciting all parents for donations to the auction via the email distribution list and also posting the items online prior to the weekend so that bids can be accepted by folks who aren't able to attend the festivities. We welcome your ideas and encourage you to participate!

Interested in donating items for our silent auction? Contact Erin

General Giving

Please visit the foundation at anytime to make an online gift to the Parent/Family Association or to any other department or college involved with Montana State University. We always appreciate your support.

Previous Testimonials

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for being named a recipient of the Parent/Family Association Scholarship. I am a fifth-year student in Computer Engineering and Physics (double major) and, as such, it is difficult for me to continue to receive scholarships.... Therefore, please accept my deep appreciation for this generous scholarship.  I hope that one day I can pay forward your generosity to another student in my situation, perhaps even through your generous fund. - Pat Kujawa (Student)

Thank you for your recent $5,000 contribution to the MSU Libraries' general collection endowment fund. The PFA has demonstrated a very meaningful tradition of commitment to academic excellence here at MSU with gifts to the Libraries dating back to 1996. - Patricia Denison (Executive Director for Library Advancement and External Relations)

When I received the letter about the scholarship in the mail I was very excited. I am pleased to see that people or organizations like you award students for their efforts. - Dana Fejes (Student)

As the newest college [University College] at MSU, we appreciate this gift and its potential for jump-starting our scholarship funds and endowment. We have many excellent students in University Studies and Liberal Studies programs that are not eligible for the many other well-established department and college scholarships, and this gift will make a big difference to them. - Dr. Gregory Young (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)

I am very appreciative to have been selected for the Parent/Family Association Scholarship for two thousand dollars. First of all, I wish to pay my way through college without being a financial burden on my family or myself. The ability to pursue an engineering degree in my school of choice as well as being able to save money for a study abroad program in the field of engineering is very important to me. Again, please accept my most sincere thanks for the opportunity you have provided me. - Kelly Vogel (Student)