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Friday, December 7, 2012




Parent/Family Association Update

Finals week is upon us, Bobcat Families!

As we enter the close of the Fall 2012 semester, students are studying for finals, Bobcats are in the playoffs, and snow is on the ground. In this edition, we have included some tips for those of you who have a student returning home, information on winter commencement, a link to our latest webinar recording, an update on our Parent & Family Association Fundraising efforts, and more!

We wish your family happy holidays and we will see you next semester!


Erika Swanson, Miki Lowe, and Lauren Marsh
Parent & Family Association Staff
(406) 994-7359



Transitional Tips For Students Returning Home
Your student is coming home for winter break! How exciting! Right? Well, if your student is a first-year student, having them come home after their first semester at college might be more challenging than you think. Your student has changed, and we suspect you’ve changed, too (like their bedroom into your exercise room). We have decided to provide you with a little help to make the transition home a little easier on you and your student.

1. As mentioned, your student has changed. That means your relationship with them will have to changed a little, too. Remember that they are adults now and they have dipped their toes into what it’s like to take care of themselves. So, treat with them like adults; be mindful of mutual respect for each other, not control.

2. Part of being at college is having new freedoms and no longer having to follow rules like curfew or scheduled chores. Coming home to those things may be difficult for your student, so compromise. Don’t give up complete authority, but negotiate new terms like allowing them to choose which chores they will do regularly or discussing what time they get home instead of a curfew. Be flexible.

3. This freedom also means they may have gotten used to not checking in with mom or dad every day. Be careful not to overwhelm them, give them space. Although it’s important to not ask too many questions, remember that if something seems wrong, you’re still their parent and you’re still there to help. Try listening first before dishing out the advice.

4. When your baby comes home, it is often your first instinct to spoil them. There is a balance. They will need a few days of being lazy and a few home cooked meals, but let them help with the dishes and do some of the laundry they brought home with them.

5. They will sleep a lot. Allow it. College is exhausting. And have some of their favorite foods at home. Their stomachs will thank you and they’ll be more excited to come home next time, which is a win-win for both of you.

Office Of Student Success Webinar Now Available
Watch This Recorded Webinar At Any Time, Free of Cost

Office of Student Success LogoA recording of our Office of Student Success webinar is now available online! The Office of Student Success is a fantastic resource that you should know about as family members! This office hosts study skills workshops, the ChampChange Program, SmartyCats Tutoring (it's free!), MSU 101, Student Success Advisors, and much more. This webinar will help you learn more about the assistance and services which can be found in this office.

Watch the PFA's Office of Student Success Webinar

2012 Parent & Family Phone-a-Thon & Fundraising
$10,159 Still Needed To Meet Next Fiscal Year's Goal

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Parent & Family Association (PFA) Phone-A-Thon! Thanks to your help, we have raised $64,841 for the Parent & Family Association. These funds are the primary fundraiser for the PFA and help us give you and your student year-round support. Donations are allocated to both colleges for scholarships and to the PFA for programming. The PFA also utilizes the generous donations to support the PFA hotline, webinars, PFA socials, parent weekend, and newsletters.

Again, thank you for your donations and your support of the Parent & Family Association! If you were unable to take part in our Phone-A-Thon, there is still time! Donate Here!

Cruzado Appointed To Presidential Committee
MSU’s President, Waded Cruzado, has been elected by President Barack Obama to serve on the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development, or BIFAD. This board advises USAID on agriculture and high education issues pertinent to food insecurity in developing countries. Cruzado was among seven individuals the White House appointed to various posts and she will serve on BIFAD while continuing her position as MSU President. Speaking in congratulations to Cruzado, Montana senator Jon Tester said, “Waded is a tremendous educator and a talented leader. During her tenure, Montana State has grown as a leader in agriculture research and strengthened our number one industry. Her talent and hard work will help solve one of the world’s greatest problems – global hunger. I know she will make all Montanans proud.”

See the full article here.

MSU Photos Available Online For Purchase!
Bobcat Stadium

MSU is pleased to announce the launch of the MSU Photo Store. This is the home of official, licensed prints of select MSU images suitable for framing and display. Photos of subjects ranging from our beautiful Bozeman campus to action in Bobcat Stadium are available in a variety of sizes.

Vist the Photo Store Here.

Guidelines For Parking On Campus Over Break
Off Campus Students
Montana State University is offering free parking on campus during the winter break for students who live off campus.

The parking is being made available in order to avoid creating hazards to snow plows on city streets and having student cars ticketed and towed, according to Chelsea Schmidt, MSU assistant director of Business and Community Relations. Cars that are parked on city streets may create hazards and can be ticketed and towed, resulting in fees of $100 or more.

Students who are interested in free parking, offered between Dec. 10-Jan. 11, must register their vehicles prior to their departure, Schmidt said. Free registration is available at the MSU Police Department, located near the corner of Kagy Boulevard and South 7th Avenue. After registering their vehicles, students will receive a permit to park on campus and directions to an available parking lot. Free parking is available only to students who are living off campus and currently registered at MSU.

Residence Hall Students
Residence hall students are ask to not leave any vehicles in the E parking lots over break.  In order to keep the E lots clear of snow over the break, Parking Services will be plowing and moving snow out of those lots as necessary.  Moving vehicles out of the E lots will facilitate complete snow removal and prevent these vehicles from being plowed in and/or damaged during snow clearing operations.  If you must leave your vehicle in Bozeman over the break you may leave it in the Huffman lot on the corner of Kagy and S. 7th Avenue.  Your permit must be displayed over break and you must move your vehicle out of the Huffman lot no later than January 9th.  An alternative location in which to leave vehicles over break is the F lot on the corner of Lincoln and 19th.

MSU Winter Commencement
Winter Commencement

Graduation To Be Held December 15, 2012 at 10 AM Mountain Time

For the first time in more than half a century, Montana State University will recognize its fall semester graduates at a December commencement ceremony, set for 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 15, at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse.

Approximately 800 students are expected to graduate in December. Unlike the spring commencement ceremony, where both morning and afternoon ceremonies are held to accommodate a larger number of graduates, the December commencement will feature one morning ceremony.

Visit the Commencement Page for more information.

College Scholarship Applications For 2013-2014
Many academic scholarships at Montana State are offered at the college level. We encourage you to talk with your student to see if they have explored these possibilities or intend to apply for these awards.

Please click below for more information regarding available scholarships based on your student's declared major.

College of Agriculture - Due February 1st

College of Arts & Architecture (by program)
Film & Photography

College of Business - These scholarships were due November 30th

College of Education, Health & Human Development

College of Engineering

College of Letters & Science - Awarded by department

College of Nursing - These scholarships were due December 1

University College





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