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Friday December 6, 2013




Parent/Family Association Update

Welcome to “that time of year”. Baking, shopping, entertaining, and your student will soon be returning home from college.  MSU has had a wonderful first semester including a visit from Yann Martel during Freshman Convocation, an exciting football season, and the annual undie-run.  Students are even getting in their first days on the slopes with a fresh dump of snow yesterday. They’ve learned much, in and out of the classroom. 

We would encourage you to spend some time over the holiday break discussing all that your students have done over the course of the semester.  As a parent and family member you are your students first and most important teacher.  Don’t be afraid to listen and learn from your student during the winter break.

Have a blessed holiday season!

Terra, Lauren, Allie, and Erin



2013 Parent & Family Phone-a-Thon & Fundraising

$9,115 Still Needed To Meet Next Fiscal Year's Goal

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Parent & Family Association (PFA) Phone-A-Thon! Thanks to your help, we have raised $46,885 for the Parent & Family Association. These funds are the primary fundraiser for the PFA and help us give you and your student year-round support. Donations are allocated to both colleges for scholarships and to the PFA for programming. The PFA also utilizes the generous donations to support the PFA hotline, webinars, PFA socials, parent & family weekend, and newsletters.

Again, thank you for your donations and your support of the Parent & Family Association! If you were unable to take part in our Phone-A-Thon, there is still time! Donate Here!

A Fond Farewell
By: Lauren Marsh
Lauren Marsh Photo

With my time in college rapidly drawing to a close, I pause to give thanks for the remarkable experience I have had here at Montana State University.

I am thankful for the professors who challenged me and urged me to find deeper understanding and fresh eyes.  I am thankful for my friends who kept me caffeinated and light-hearted and allowed me to be vulnerable.  I am thankful to my family for being my sounding board and my short-term loan bank and everything in between. 

Finally, I am thankful for my experience working for the Parent & Family Association.  I have loved reassuring parents that yes, it is normal for their student to have strange sleep hours and that no, they shouldn’t be embarrassed to go to the counseling center.  I have loved the moment during Parent & Family Weekend when a student and a parent are reunited for the first time in months and they couldn’t be happier to see each other.  I have felt honored by the struggles you are willing to share with us and hope that in every time of trial, we have been able to help. 

So as I close my time here I want to say thank you for letting me work with you and your family.  I hope that your student also finds the joy and success I have found here.

January: Building Bridges Campus and Community
Join us for our Webinar: Building Bridges between Campus and Community on January 29, 2014 at 6 PM Mountain time! With our panelists Kristin Hamburg, HRDC Administrative Officer; Mandy St. Aubyn, MSU Office of Activities and Engagement; and Robin Mayer, MSU Office of Activities and Engagement, we will discuss how Montana State interracts with the Bozeman community and how your student plays an integral role in this.

To register for this webinar click here.

Update From Residence Life
By: James Tobin

Can you believe that the Fall semester is almost over?  Neither can we!  With Winter Break right in front of us, it is worth keeping a few important dates in mind.  The residence halls officially close at noon on Saturday, December 14, and all students not registered for housing over the break will need to be moved out by that time.

For students interested in living in the residence halls over Winter Break, online sign-up is available through 5:00 PM on Monday, December 9th.  After that point, student who wish to sign up will need to come by the Office of Residence Life to sign-up in person.  Students have three full weeks of escape from classes and homework, before the Spring semester begins.

The residence halls open at noon on Sunday, January 5, and students are welcome to move in any time between then and the start of classes on Wednesday, January 8.  We hope you all have a wonderful Winter Break, enjoy your time together, and your student comes back refreshed and ready for the Spring semester.  We can’t wait to see you again in 2014!

College Scholarship Applications For 2013-2014
Many academic scholarships at Montana State are offered at the college level. We encourage you to talk with your student to see if they have explored these possibilities or intend to apply for these awards.

Please click below for more information regarding available scholarships based on your student's declared major.

College of Agriculture - Due February 1st

College of Arts & Architecture (by program)
Film & Photography

College of Business - These scholarships were due November 30th

College of Education, Health & Human Development - due January 17th

College of Engineering

College of Letters & Science
 - Awarded by department

College of Nursing
 - These scholarships were due December 1

University College
- Due March 1st





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