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Thursday, January 14, 2016




Parent/Family Association Update

Greetings Parents,

We are so excited to welcome students back for the 2016 spring semester, and we wish you and your student all the best.
We have a few helpful reminders for you and your student this spring semester. Don’t forget to remind your student that the easiest way to reduce stress around finals is to set a schedule from the start of the semester and to give 100% from the very start. We also encourage your students to pay close attention to the syllabus given at the start of the semester. These may seem like small tips, but they make a big difference.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.


Erin Macdonald
Assistant Dean of Students
Director of Parent Family Programs

Kenzie and Gabe

PFA Assistant Coordinators



Welcome from the Dean of Students
Greetings MSU Parents and Family members,

Today was the first day of classes for Spring 2016, and what a difference 24 hours makes. Just
yesterday, I was eating lunch in the middle of a fairly empty Strand Union, happy to see a few
students returning early for the semester. Today was a completely different scene. In fact, today
there wasn’t any room to find a table in the Strand Union during the noon hour! The students are
back, and with them the sense of curiosity, excitement, drive and wonder.

The start of the spring semester is always different when compared to the opening of the fall
semester. In the spring, the students already know where their classes are (for the most part),
and there isn’t the same sense of uncertainty or confusion that comes with moving into a new
residence hall and meeting tons of new people. It is pretty amazing how fast our students
become “pros” at MSU, even with just one semester under their belts.

I hope that the time spent with your student over the holiday break was restful and satisfying.
We’re excited to have them back on campus and look forward to seeing you on campus for a visit sometime later this semester. If there’s anything that we can offer you or your student, please
don’t hesitate to contact us.


Matthew R. Caires, Ed.D.
Dean of Students

Join our Closed Facebook Forum
We will be launching a new closed Facebook group for parents to utilize as a forum to answer
questions related to your student’s success at Montana State University. The page will mostly be run by you, the parents and families of MSU students, but will also involve a few facilitators to keep conversation interesting. We ask for you to request to join our group by following this link. We
look forward to your participation.

Join Our Off Campus Living Webinar
Now is the time to start considering living options for next year. We will be having an off campus
living seminar on February 23rd at 6pm MST. A link will be sent out as soon as the sign up is
open. This link gives some good information, and the webinar will expand on these ideas.

Fourth Annual Bobcat Ski Day

Hit the slopes with your MSU Alumni Association and fellow Bobcats at Bridger Bowl for the
annual Bobcat Ski Day Friday January 22nd. The Alumni Association will be handing out goodies,
so be sure to wear your Blue & Gold! In addition to sharing your Bobcat pride, $5 from every lift
ticket will be donated to the MSU Ski Team. From 11am to 1pm there will also be live music.
Lift tickets are $20 for students who carpool with 3+ passengers or if your student takes the
shuttle to Bridger Bowl. Please direct your students to the following link to sign up for the shuttle
and learn more about the event.

Residence Life Housing Renewal

Students are diving into their new semester, with classes in full swing, and you know what that
means: It’s time to start thinking about next school year! We give current students that want to
return to the halls next year first priority over incoming students if they sign up during our Housing Priority Selection. Students currently living with us that are interested in returning to the
residence halls will want to apply before February 17. After that date, they will no longer get
priority on their preferences, and may not be placed in the same room they lived in this year.
We receive more housing applications every year, so delaying to sign up could result in not
getting their preference, or possibly even being placed in a temporary room for the start of the
semester. Signing up is easy, and risk free! If you cancel before March 31, students will not be
charged the $200 cancellation fee. Returning students are not required to pay the $200
prepayment that new students have to submit, but any cancellations on or after March 31 will
result in the $200 cancellation fee in place of the prepayment. We hope that your students have a great spring semester here at MSU, and if they have any housing questions, our staff is always happy
to help!

Last Day to Add/Drop a Class
The last day to add a course using an add/drop sheet is January 27th. The last day to drop a course without a grade appearing on your student’s transcript is February 3rd. We ask you to please remind your student of these deadlines as it will make their life much easier if they choose to add or drop a course. We also recommend reminding your student to talk with their advisor prior to adding or dropping any course.

RA Application 2016 - Free Room and Board
The application deadline for 2016 residence hall advisor positions is quickly approaching. Applications are due on February 3rd at 5pm. Applicants are required to have at least a 2.30 GPA, completed 24 credits, and 2 semesters on campus. There are many perks to the job like early registration, room and board, and leadership skills. Your student must attend an information session to apply. Please direct your students to this link.


2016 Spring Commencement

Graduation is just around the corner. Commencement will be held May 7th at the Brick Breeden Field House. The ceremony is split into two equal sections. The colleges have not yet been assigned to a time, but we will notify you when this is done. As of now, your graduating senior will either have their ceremony 9am-11am or 1:30pm-3:30pm. More information to come later this semester!




Important Dates

xMarch 14-18, 2016

Spring Break


xMarch 25, 2016

University Day


xMay 2-6th, 2016

Finals Week


xMay 7, 2016



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