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  Wednesday, November 4, 2016




Parent/Family Association Update

Greetings Parents,

Winter is quickly approaching at MSU. Snow has started to accumulate in the mountains, and ski season is quickly approaching.

The third round of exams are also quickly approaching. Remind your students of all the l resources that are available to help them succeed at MSU. Give them something to look forward to like a batch of their favorite cookies during Thanksgiving break or dinner at their favorite restaurant. It might sound silly, but it’s the little things that students miss during the semester!

As always, please call if you have any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful November!


Erin Macdonald

Assistant Dean of Students

Director of Parent Family Programs


Kenzie and Gabe

PFA Assistant Coordinators



Thanksgiving and Winter Break Residence Life Schedule
With the fall semester quickly coming to an end, it is time for the Residence Life staff to begin to prepare for both Thanksgiving break and Winter break. Included below is some important information regarding Thanksgiving and winter break. We have included these so parents can ensure that their students are staying on top of the details. If you still need to sign your student up for the shuttle to the airport, please follow this link:

Thanksgiving Break
The residence halls close at noon on Wednesday, November 25. If students would like to stay in the residence halls during Thanksgiving break, they will need to sign-up through the Residence Life website. The cost to stay for Thanksgiving break is $40, but if they sign-up after 5pm on November 10, the cost is $65.The cost to stay during break is a flat-fee and will not be pro-rated. The residence halls will re-open at noon on Sunday, November 29.

Winter Break
The residence halls close at noon on Saturday, December 12. If students would like to stay in the residence halls during Winter break, they will need to sign-up through the Residence Life website. The cost to stay for Winter break is $290, but if they sign-up after 5pm on December 1, the cost is $315.The cost to stay during break is a flat-fee and will not be pro-rated. The residence halls will re-open at noon on Sunday, January 10.

Last Day to withdraw from a class Fall 2015
After the 15th day of the semester, students may drop courses and receive a grade of W (withdrawal) only if approved by the academic advisor and course instructor. Approval is not guaranteed, and no refund is given. Until one week past the last day of the official registration period for the following semester, students use a Drop/Add form to drop courses with a W. The W grade is non-punitive; it counts in credits attempted but not in earned credits or in quality points toward the GPA. If a student repeats the course in a subsequent semester, the new grade will count in the GPA but the original W grade will remain on the transcript.

Cat/Griz 2015
If you call yourself a Bobcat fan, odds are you don’t also call yourself a Griz fan. With few exceptions, mostly parents who have students at both universities, you choose one or the other. Saturday November 21st marks the 115th Cat/Griz football game taking place in Bozeman, MT. Tensions run high as this game represents a rivalry which began on November 26, 1897. The two teams played in Bozeman Montana, and unfortunately the cats lost 6-18. The rivalry is ranked 31st among oldest rivalries in the NCAA Division I and of those, the 11th oldest west of the Mississippi River. It is also the 4th oldest active rivalry in the FCS and of those, the oldest west of the Mississippi. If you look at the record, 71-37-5 it might appear as though UM is the definite winner, this could be due to Montana State’s later entry into the NCAA Division. Since MSU entered the NCAA, the record has been more evenly matched, 31-26 Grizzlies. Don’t lose hope yet Bobcat fans, although UM leads the Cat/Griz series, MSU has won more conference championships (20) and more national championships (3). While UM has won 18 league titles and two national titles. This game should be one for the books, so don’t forget to tune in on the television, or stick out the cold weather at the MSU stadium to cheer on our MSU football team at this year’s Cat/Griz football game. Go cats go!

Destress Fest
Montana State’s Office of Student Success is putting on its Destress Fest December 1st from 6-8pm in Ballrooms B, C, & D in the SUB. Destress Fest happens every semester. The last Champ Change auction of the semester will be taking place. Those who attend with be able to decorate gingerbread houses, eat food, take photos, and have a chance at winning some awesome prizes. Prizes include skis, a kindle fire, and a $1,000 tuition waiver. If your student has a lot of Champ Change points, encourage them to attend and bid for the awesome prizes available


Paws to De-Stress

Once again, the Renee Library is partnering with Intermountain Therapy Animals to bring dogs to MSU during dead week and finals week. This program is one of my personal favorites here at MSU. Each day, at a specific time, a few dogs are brought into the commons of the library and students are able to play and pet the dogs to their hearts’ content. This is very therapeutic for the animal loving students at MSU, allowing them to connect with the adorable dogs that get brought in. Students are always looking for a study break, after hours in the library and this event allows students to relax and enjoy the company of a fluffy friend in the midst of the most difficult two weeks of the semester. I encourage you to tell your students about this great program, especially if they, like me, miss their dog as much as their family most days. The schedule is as follows:

Week before finals
November 30-December 4 Monday 1-3pm Tuesday 2-4pm Wednesday 12-2pm Thursday 11am-1pm Friday 9-11am
Finals week
December 7-11 Monday 2-4pm Tuesday 3-5pm Wednesday 11-1pm Thursday 10am-noon Friday11am-noon





Important Dates

November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day


November 19, 2015

Last day to withdraw


November 25-27, 2015

Thanksgiving Break


December 4, 2015

End of the semester


Term Calendar


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