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Research Computing Project

Research Computing is Now Essential

Due to the increasing demands for high performance computing, data management, and large scale storage. Centralized Research Computing services and infrastructure have become a critical component of modern research at High Research Institutions across the world. As such, Montana State University has engaged in the creation of a centralized Research Computing infrastructure and services division to address these requirements.

Goals and Objectives

Provide comprehensive hardware, software and services to support major research across all disciplines. Such services would include:

  1. Centralized HPC and Storage infrastructure to the researchers of MSU at an affordable cost within a Science DMZ.
  2. Data Management services for MSU researchers; including but not limited to: data management plan consultation, data lifecycle services consultation, software tools for research data collaboration, construction and maintenance of research portals and gateways.
  3. Software engineering consultation and services on simulation, visualization, and data management software. This includes training on best practices software engineering for scientists (aka Software Carpentry).
  4. A central repository of research methodology and practice in order to provide continuity of expertise between and beyond individual research projects.

Current Efforts

Research Computing is an ongoing process that will involve several major sub-project efforts that can be thought of as projects in their own right. These projects may be local or collaborative efforts to install infrastructure software or hardware, provide training, produce workshops, or establish new services for researchers.

Centralized Research Cyberinfrastructure Hardware

This is an RFP-based process to create a centralized hardware infrastructure for researchers at MSU. This is a collaborative effort between ITC Research Computing, Ecology, and Mechanical Engineering. This centralized infrastructure will include computation and storage managed by virtualization in order to create a scalable and flexible infrastructure for scientific research. The infrastructure will be scaled using a "condo" model wherein researchers will purchase additional computational and storage resources at affordable increments. The system will be made available to the researchers in such a way as to allow the researchers the ability to rapidly request computational and storage resources. Researchers will gain priority access to their purchased resources (their "Condos"), while other portions of the system may be made generally available to other system users. The initial size of this system is largely dependent on the responses to the proposal.

RFP Timeline