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About Program Management

Program Management (PgM) is a discipline of standards, tools, and techniques for managing multiple interrelated projects that share common goals. Program Management delivers value to the organization, realizing intended benefits as cost-effectively as possible.

For example, the MSU Integration Initiative was a program with multiple integration projects sharing the common goals of increasing operational efficiency and improving student experience across the university's four campuses. Initiatives are a common form of program intended to effect a cultural change in an organization.

IT projects that innovate or automate are usually part of an organizational program, i.e. an initiative. Technology alone does not innovate or automate, it simply installs and runs. In order to realize the intended benefits of an IT implementation, organizational change is typically required to ensure a successful outcome, including:

  • Process analysis
  • Procedural changes
  • Policy development
  • Business rule modification
  • User training and support

IT projects that do not include organizational change management tend to fail or suffer long-term consequences. The PMO provides Program Management expertise and support for institutional programs and initiatives.