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Getting in the Queue

The PMO intakes requests for IT projects and services from all departments on the Bozeman campus as well as the enterprise. Each campus defines its own process for channeling IT requests to the PMO.

The PMO works with the requestor to gather needed information about the project. For small projects, this can be as easy as a 15-minute conversation to summarize costs, benefits, alignment and risks. Larger projects can have significant impact on shared resources that must be understood and scoped before they can be summarized and prioritized (Discovery). The PMO investigates and compiles the information into a business case on behalf of the requestor. Requestors are not expected to fill out or complete business cases.

Projects move through the selection and prioritization process from Concept to Implementation, governed by the IT Governance structure and supported by the PMO. Projects can be expedited for a variety of reasons, including regulatory compliance, information security, exigencies, or mandate. Projects can also be tabled for future consideration or suspended to accommodate higher priorities.

To submit a project request

Email a completed business case concept template* to or contact them at 994-1010.

*The business case concept template is provided as a tool for requestors to use to collect their project thoughts before contacting the PMO but is not required to initiate a request..