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University Police
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Chief Robert Putzke
> University Police  > Parking Services

Parking Fee & Fine Schedule

Permit Type Full Year 1/2 Year Additional Vehicle Summer Only
R1 $741 $490 N/A $372
R2-R4 $536 $354 N/A $268
R5-R10 $443 $293 N/A $222
SB $164 $106 N/A $82
E $164 $106 N/A $82
D $116 N/A N/A $58
F $65 N/A N/A $32
FH $0 N/A $85 $42
MC $65 N/A N/A $31


  1. General:
    The Regents of the Montana University System have been authorized by legislative action to levy fines against students, faculty and staff for violation of parking, traffic or registration regulations.
  2.   Violations:
    1. The fines for the following violations of regulations vary between $30 and $175, starting September 1, 2013. Here is the cost for parking violations.

      $60 24 Hr Reserved Spaces
      $30 Altered Hang Tag
      $30 Violation of Bicycle Regulations
      $30 Blocking Trash Receptacles
      $30 Failure To Display Valid Permit
      $60 Failure To Register
      $175 False Registration
      $60 Fire Lane
      $100 Handicap Spaces
      $30 Herrick 15 Minute
      $30 Not In Designated Area
      $30 Not In E Lot
      $30 Over Line - 2 Spaces
      $30 Overtime Parked
      $45 Parked In Yellow Zone
      $30 Parked or Driving On Lawn
      $30 Parking In Crosswalk
      $30 Parking In Or Block Drive
      $30 Parking/driving On Sidewalk
      $45 Posted No Parking
      $60 Reserved 6 Am - 6 Pm
      $30 See Officer Comment
      $45 Service Drive
      $30 Service Vehicle Parking Only
      $30 Student Health Parking Only
      $30 Student/staff In Vis. Area
      $30 Svc Vehicle/special Permit Req.
      $60 Tow Away Zone
      $75 Towed With University Tow
      $30 Vendor Parking Only
      $30 Wrong Side Parked

    2. Unauthorized use of Handicapped stalls is a $100.00 fine.
    3. University tow $75.00 minimum charge. Impound fee $5 a day.
    4. Use of a lost, stolen, forged or counterfeit permit is a $175.00 fine and is subject to a University tow.
  3. Appeals:
    1. The Parking Appeals Committee is composed of faculty, staff and student members appointed by the Vice President for Administration.
    2. If a person wishes to appeal a fine, he or she must appear at the University Police Department by the date designated on the ticket and file a notice of appeal. The Parking Appeals Committee will hear all appeals. Fines upheld by the Parking Appeals Committee must be paid within seven days. Failure to do so will constitute a second offense also subject to fine.
    3. The University is authorized by Montana statute to withhold the amount of any unpaid parking fines from any amount owing any student, employee or faculty member.
    4. Student transcripts may also be held for unpaid parking fines, and unpaid fines may be added to student accounts for collection purposes.
    5. A lost ticket, forgetfulness, parking for only a short period, failure to display parking permit, and/or not seeing the signs are NOT acceptable grounds for appeal.

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