Governance and Organization
Space Management
Effective date:
January 8, 2014
Revised date:
Review date:
January 8, 2017

Responsible Party:
Space Management Committee

100.00 Introduction and Purpose

MSU is comprised of over 38 significant state-funded buildings encompassing over 1.86 million gross square feet of space with an approximate value exceeding $450 million.

Since physical space can be a limiting resource in the development and improvement of MSU’s programs, the effective utilization of this valuable asset is essential to the success of the university. Space is a critical university-owned asset and is subject to assignment (and periodic evaluation and re-assignment) in order to meet the overall needs and best interests of the institution.

This policy establishes a framework for the use, allocation and review of MSU’s physical assets.

200.00 Policy

  1. The university, and not any group, individual or department within it, is the owner of its physical assets.
  2. Allocation of space will be at the decision of the president, with consideration of recommendations made by the university Space Management Committee.
  3. All space is subject to assignment or reassignment to meet the overall needs and best interests of the university and its programs.
  4. All instructional space, whether allocated to the registrar or to a department or college for scheduling purposes, will be scheduled through the university scheduling software.
  5. Conversion of existing instructional space to any other uses/occupancies is prohibited except when accomplished through a recommendation of the Space Management Committee and the approval of the President. Conversions of instructional space will be approved only if there is appropriate alignment of available remaining classroom space with the institution’s mission and priorities.
  6. Disputes concerning use of space should be resolved by the deans of the respective units. If the deans are unable to resolve the dispute, the deans may present the matter to the Space Management Committee for consideration and recommendations for resolution.

300.00 Procedures

The Space Management Committee will promulgate principles, guidelines and procedures as necessary to meet this policy and the Space Management Committee’s charge.

400.00 Internal Controls

University executives, deans and department heads will be responsible for managing space and for accounting and reporting the space allocated to their entities in accordance with principles, guidelines and procedures established by the Space Management Committee.

Space Management Principles and Processes (May 2014)