Congratulations to the following outstanding females who have contributed their valuable expertise, knowledge and abilities to continue to allow Montana State University’s research thrive.

January 2014

PI Org Name Grant Title Sponsor
Dungan, Erica H Dean of Arts & Architecture Art Matters Humanities Montana
Juliar, Kristin Montana AHEC/Rural Health National Network for Rural and Frontier Capacity National Center for Frontier
Juliar, Kristin Montana AHEC/Rural Health MT Nutrition & Physical Activity (NAPA) Program - DPHHS Montana Department of Public Health
Juliar, Kristin Montana AHEC/Rural Health MT Nutrition & Physical Activity (NAPA) Program - DPHHS Montana Department of Public Health
Rink, Elizabeth Health & Human Development Making Proud Choices Planned Parenthood


December 2013

PI Org Name Grant Title Sponsor
 Ahmed, Selena Health & Human Development CNH: Climate Effects on Tea Quality and Socioeconomic Responses Tufts University
 Ahmed, Selena Health & Human Development INBRE Planning Proposal: Food System Quality National Institute Of Health
Burrows, Mary E Plant Sciences Evaluation of the Ascochyta/Mycosphaerella Pathogen Complex in Chickpeas, Peas and Lentils for Resistance to QoI, DMI and SDHI groups of Fungicides Montana Department of Agriculture
Dougher, Tracy Plant Sciences Addressing the demand for cost-effective production of Montana native plants. Montana Department of Agriculture
DuBois, Jennifer Chemistry Chlorite Dismutase: A Novel heme Enzyme and its Implications for Human Health National Institute Of Health
Fay, Laura E Western Transportation Institute Developing a Snow and Ice Control Environmental Best Management Practices Manual Minnesota Department of Transportation
Flenniken, Michelle L Plant Sciences Montana Honey Bee Health Montana Department of Agriculture
Himes Boor, Gina K Ecology Quantitative approaches to disease spread modeling US Geological Survey
Kinion, Elizabeth S Nursing Departments Enhancing Oral-Systemic Health Through Interprofessional Education New York University
Martz, Jill FSTS Administration FY2014 USDOT-HMEP Grant - Oil Field Incidents Montana Disaster and Emergency
Qiu, Jiong Physics Energetics of Flare Heating from Magnetic Reconnection National Aeronautics And Space
Tanner, Kathryn M Activities & Engagement Compact Service Corps 2013-2014 Montana Tech Of The University
Zidack, Nina K Plant Sciences Developing a Distribution Network for Garden Seed Potatoes and Adopting Multiplex PCR for Identification of Potato Pathogens Montana Department of Agriculture