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For Invited Lectures and Outreach Related Presentations, visit the Outreach page.

For presentations given during the Polar Night PI Meeting, 26-28 Feb 2009, see the IPY 2008 Polar Night page.

Scientific Meeting Presentations

AGU Meeting, 9-13 December 2013, San Francisco, CA. “Geomicrobiology of Subglacial Lake Whillans, Antarctica.” J.C. Priscu, B.C. Christner, M.L. Skidmore, J. Mikucki, T. Vick-Majors, A. Achberger, A.B. Michaud, A. Mitchell, C. Barbante. Presented by John Priscu.

WAIS Divide Ice Core Science Meeting, 24-25 September 2013, La Jolla, CA. "Distribution of Microorganisms in the WAIS Divide Ice Core Between the Last Glacial Maximum and the Mid-Holocene: Preliminary Results." P.A. Santibáñez A., J.C. Priscu, J. D'Andrilli, C. Foreman, J.R. McConnell. Presented by P. Santibáñez.

2007 WAIS Divide Meeting, 4-5 October 2007, Lake Tahoe, NV. "Paleo Records of Biotic and Abiotic Particles inPolar ice Cores." J. Priscu, C. Foreman, J. McConnell. Presented by John Priscu.