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Research In the News

April 29, 2015. "New study links climate changes in Arctic and Antarctic."

February 7, 2015. "Fish Under Antarctic Ice."

January 21, 2015. "Discovery: Fish Live beneath Antarctica."

September, 2014. "Ten pioneers in technology, biodiversity to receive Stibitz, Wilson awards Oct 1."

August 2014. "Lakes under the ice: Antarctica's secret garden."

August 2014. "U.S. expedition yields first breakthrough paper about life under Antarctic ice."

July 2014. The Naked Scientists Interview: "Million year-old microbes in ice."

November 2013. "MSU releases television spot about Antarctica research."

June 2013. "Life under Antartica's ice."

February 2013. "Scientists find life in the cold and dark under Antarctic ice."

February 2013. "Life found deep under Antarctic ice for first time?"

July 2012. NPR Interview: "Melting the world's biggest ice cube."

July 2012.  "Priscu wins international award for Antarctic work."

February 2012. NPR Interview: "20 million years later, Russians work to drill into lake."

May 2011. ASM Live Interview: "Microbes controlling the climate?"

May 2011. NPR Interview. "Microbes hitchhiking on hailstones."

May 2011. "Media blitz follows MSU revelations about Gallatin Country hailstones."

May 2011. "Bacteria could be to blame for bad weather and may even influence climate change."

May 2011. "Germy with a chance of hail."

May 2011. "Bacteria-rich hailstones add to 'bioprecipitation' idea."

May 2011. "Flying bacteria to blame for bad weather, scientists claim after finding microbes in hailstones."

May 2011. "Live bacteria help create rain, snow and hail, research finds."

May 2011. "Bugs in atmosphere behind bad weather?"

May 2011. "Do bacteria create hail stones?"

May 2011. "Do bacteria play role in weather events?"

May 2011. "Bacteria creates hail stones: study."

February 2011.  "Antarctic researchers gathered at MSU to test equipment for pioneering work."

Fall 2010.  "Learning science through "hands on" experimentation." or pdf

November 2010. "Struck by hailstones, MSU grad student peers inside to learn their secrets."

November 2009.  "Massive Antarctic project takes MSU to one of Earth's final frontiers."

October 2008. "Biological Pulse: WAIS Divide project searches for life in the ice."

March 2008. "Antarctica's coldest, darkest season draws Montana State University researchers."

November 2007. "In the Cold of the Night: Science team to extend seasonal work until April to study lake ecosystem in the McMurdo Dry Valleys."

Febraury 2006.  "Eighty below and loving it: Montana State University scientists to get new cold lab."

2001. NPR - All Things Considered: "Exploring Antarctica."