January 19, 2000
PRESENT:  Vicki Orazem, Jim Manning, Clyde Carroll, Carol Schmidt, Jim
ABSENT:   Chuck Lindemenn.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Vicki Orazem at 2 PM.  It was
determined a quorum was present.

Chair's report - Vicki Orazem.
     - The December 23 memo sent to Commissioner of Higher Education
     Crofts from UGC Steering Committee (recommending that an interim
     MSU president be selected from outside the university) was
     distributed to Faculty Council.
     - There are two nominees for the Traffic Appeals and Regulations
     Committee, Jeff Bondy (Family Housing) and Alyce Maas (Career
     Services).  After discussion, Carol moved that Jeff Bondy's name
     be forwarded to the President's Office for approval as a contract
     professional appointee on the committee.  The motion was seconded
     and carried.
     - A nominee for Chair of the MSU Benefits Committee is still
     needed.  Please contact George Tuthill, Chair of UGC Nominating
     Committee, with recommendations.

Update - Interim president search.
     - The regents are discussing candidates for interim president at
     MSU and will probably announce the person chosen for the position
     on Friday, before the Board of Regents meeting adjourns.
     - The provost's search has been canceled until after a permanent
     president is hired.

Update - Strategic Planning and Review Committee.
     - SPBC hasn't met for a few weeks.  There will be a report after
     the committee has again met.

Follow-up on discussion with Susan Alt and Jenny Knickerbocker,
Employee Relations and Services.
     - After discussion, it was agreed Affirmative Action/Human
     Resources Director Corky Bush be contacted and the personnel
     policies and procedures, as well as the Faculty Handbook, be
     reviewed to find policies that relate to professionals.  Then it
     can be decided what changes, if any, should be made in the
     - If appropriate, a statement that it's a given professionals
     will work a flexible schedule may be included in any changes.

The next regularly scheduled Professional Council meeting is February