September 20, 2000
PRESENT:  Vicki Orazem, Chuck Lindemenn, Jim Mitchell, Carol Schmidt.
ABSENT:   Jim Manning, Clyde Carroll.

The meeting was called to order by Vicki Orazem, 1999-2000
Professional Council Chair, at 2:10 PM.  Susan Alt will not be at the
meeting today but will attend the October meeting.

A memo was sent to President Roark from University Governance Council
on August 30.  It outlined recommendations for improving the Strategic
Planning and Budget Committee.
     - The memo was the result of a University Governance Council
     Steering Committee meeting with Interim Provost Dooley, Vice
     President for Research Tom McCoy, Gwen Jacobs and Sara Jayne
     Steen (two members of the original Strategic Review Committee).
     - A proposal had been made by this group of four that the Long
     Range Planning Committee and SPBC be replaced with a President's
     Advisory Council.
     - There seemed to be agreement at this meeting that there is a
     place for a long-range planning committee on campus and that
     making some changes to SPBC would increase it's effectiveness
     without changing the Long Range Planning Committee.
     - Changes recommended for the SPBC include giving the committee a
     more specific charge, doing much of the work of the committee in
     small groups (chaired by an SPBC member but drawing from the
     entire campus community for other members), and holding
     regularly-scheduled meetings.

There was some discussion of the way the university budget and the
lack of unification in managing it.  There is a budget, but then it
appears ad hoc decisions are made by small groups or by individuals.
Examples of decisions made in this manner include the additional
$.75/month/telephone fee, differing police overhead charges, and
raising the administrative fee on certain accounts.

Sending a letter from Professional Council to the MSU president search
committee was discussed.  It appears all three candidates are
acceptable, but the Council might list strengths they see in each
candidate and how these strengths suit MSU.
     - The third candidate, Geoffrey Gamble, will be on campus
     September 27-28.
     - Professional Council will meet Monday, October 2, at noon, to
     discuss strengths of the three candidates and prepare a letter to
     send to the search committee.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.