December 20, 2000

PRESENT:  Jim Manning, Vicki Orazem, Chuck Lindemenn, Carol Schmidt,
          Clyde Carroll.
ABSENT:   Jim Mitchell.

Chair's report - Jim Manning.
     - There has been no word on which professional nominee will be
     appointed to the Provost Search Committee.
     - It is important for Professional Council to stay in close
     communication with the professional members of SPBC.
     - According to Chuck Lindemenn, President Gamble stated at a
     meeting of business people that MSU will have a business plan
     (strategic plan) before the Governor within six months and that
     the plan will be in tune with the Governor's goals.

E-mail list.
     - Payroll and Personnel Services is putting together a list of
     professionals.  It should be available in January.
     - It was suggested an announcement be placed in the STAFF
     BULLETIN with a link to a list serve, requesting professionals to
     sign up to receive information.

Reference for Policies and Procedures affecting professionals.
     - It would be helpful to have a reference listing the location of
     all policies and procedures that affect professionals.  This
     would make professionals more aware of what the policies and
     procedures are and where they are to be found.  The listing could
     be sent to all professionals or posted on a web site.
     - It was suggested Affirmative Action/Human Resources Director
     Corky Bush be asked to help with such a list.

     - President Gamble will be asked to meet with Professional
     Council.  Joann will check with Shari McCoy about his schedule
     and arrange a 15-20 minute meeting with him at the next
     Professional Council meeting, if possible.
     - It was suggested a memo be sent to the President stating that
     Professional Council wants to work with him to support the
     university mission and goals.
     - Professional Council members should make an effort to introduce
     themselves to President Gamble at tomorrow' reception.