February 21, 2001
PRESENT:  Jim Manning, Jim Mitchell, Vicki Orazem, Carol Schmidt,
          Chuck Lindemenn.
ABSENT:   Clyde Carroll.

Personnel issues .
     - Susan Alt and Kerry Evans, Personnel and Payroll Services,
     presented proposed revisions to the MSU Personnel and Procedures
     Manual.  The revisions were discussed and the process for making
     revisions was reviewed.
     - A representative from the Social Norms project raised concerns
     about space allocation in Culbertson Hall and asked whether
     professionals have a right to grieve or appeal the allocation
     process, if they think a grievance is warranted.
          - After discussion, there was consensus that the first step
          should be for the professionals affected to contact the
          department head(s) that signed off on the grant and discuss
          the concerns with this individual.
          - It was also suggested that Professional Council send a
          memo to the Provost regarding Council's concern, but it was
          agreed the Council would wait until the affected employees
          have had an opportunity to deal with the issue.

February 28 meeting with President Gamble - Issues to raise.
     - Professional Council will meet with President Gamble on
     February 28.  Issues to be raised were discussed briefly.
     - The Council will meet February 26 at 3:30 to prepare a list of
     topics for discussion with the President.