March 21, 2001
PRESENT:  Clyde Carroll, Vicki Orazem, Jim Mitchell, Jim Manning,
          Carol Schmidt.
ABSENT:   Chuck Lindemenn.

Chair's report - Jim Manning.
     - A member from Administrative Offices will be elected this
     spring to fill a vacancy.  Carol Schmidt's term ends September,
          - It was suggested the vacancy be announced in the STAFF
          BULLETIN, followed by an e-mail to professionals in
          Administrative Offices.
     - A Chair Elect and UGC Steering Committee member will be elected
     by Professional Council in May.
     - Nominations for university-wide committees will be solicited by
     UGC Nominating Committee.

Report from University Planning, Budgeting and Analysis Committee -
Jim Mitchell and Clyde Carroll.
     - Tom Gelder, Executive Director of the MSU Foundation, and Sue
     Leigland, Local Executive Committee member, have been added to
     the committee.
     - President Gamble has charged the committee with presenting a
     balanced budget for the university by May 21.
     - Once decisions about budget are made, everyone on the committee
     is to support them.  Decisions are to be made for the good of the
     entire university.
     - This year, the committee doesn't have the benefit of specific
     plans presented by the LRPC and SPBC.
     - Suggested university priorities and general themes were
     - The Budget Office is providing departments that receive state
     funds with five years of base budget data (personnel, operations,
     capital).  Departments will return information about how the
     current budget is being spent, how the department would manage
     with less money, and how the department would spend additional
     - Regarding salary increases, it has been suggested at UPBAC that
     a reasonable target for salaries be set and a strategy then be
     developed to reach that target.  What would be the reason for the
     increases - retention, morale, other?
     - A web site for UPBAC is being developed and will be announced
     when it is up and running.

On-line reference document for policies and procedures affecting
contract professionals.
     - An e-mail was sent to Corky Bush, Director of Affirmative
     Action/Human Resources, expressing an interest by professionals
     in developing such a document.

Administrative review.
     - Ron Larsen, Faculty Council Chair, and President Gamble have
     discussed the administrative review and will make it available to
     professionals, if Professional Council is interested in
     participating.  Professional Council would notify professionals
     and add administrators to the list on the review website.
     - Because tenurable faculty have already completed the review,
     Professional Council agreed to wait until the next review cycle
     and get in at the beginning of the process.
     - It was also suggested professionals be polled regarding their
interest in such a review.