April 18, 2001
PRESENT:  Jim Manning, Jim Mitchell, Vicki Orazem, Clyde Carroll,
          Carol Schmidt.
ABSENT:   Chuck Lindemenn.

Chair's report - Jim Manning.
     - Classified and professional leaders met with administrators
     yesterday to hear about proposed increases in parking fees for
     FY02 and 03.  The information will be sent to professionals by
          - During discussion by Professional Council, a significant
          increase in personnel costs in the parking balance sheet
          between FY01 and FY02 was noted.  What is the reason for
          this?  Some police are hired with parking fees, but this
          increase is nearly 25%, which indicates additional personnel
          will be hired from parking fees.
          - Also during discussion by Professional Council, it was
          suggested people who attend evening events pay some fee for
     - There has been no response from AA/HR Director Corky Bush
     regarding an on-line reference document for policies and
     procedures affecting professionals.

University Governance Council Nominating Committee report.
     - A draft ballot of nominees for university-wide committees was
     distributed.  The vote will take place at the May 16 Professional
     Council meeting.  In the meantime, Council members are encouraged
     to solicit additional nominations.
     - Leslie Schmidt, Grants and Contracts, is a nominee from
     Administrative Offices for a position on Council.  Ballots will
     be sent to professionals eligible to vote for the position next
     - The Professional Council Chair Elect and UGC Steering Committee
     member will be elected at the May 16 meeting.

UPBAC report - Jim Mitchell.
     - UPBAC met April 17.  Budgets (state money) from 220 departments
     were received.  Key Performance Indicators for all academic
     departments were also received.
     - It appears the budget deficit for MSU in FY02 will be about $5
     million (before tuition increases are included and assuming a
     modest decline in enrollment).
     - Discussion of Other Lawful Purpose (OLP) money (auxiliaries,
     IDC's, etc.) took place.
     - About 2200 MSU students do not re-enroll from year to year.
     Increased retention would significantly improve the budget
     - At the April 10 meeting, UPBAC approved spending $160,000/year
     to target specific high school students for recruitment.  The
     cost will be $240,000 during FY02, because $80,000 is being spent
     on the effort this year, and that cost will be covered in FY02.
     The results of this effort will not be seen until FY03.
     - UPBAC  members need to come closer to agreement before the
     committee can continue to work productively and reach consensus
     on budget recommendations.