May 16, 2001
PRESENT:  Jim Manning, Jim Mitchell, Clyde Carroll, Vicki Orazem,
          Chuck Lindemenn, Carol Schmidt, 2001-02 Member Leslie

The regularly-scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair Jim
Manning at 2:00 PM.

Chair's report - Jim Manning.
     - Copies of a memo to David Dooley, Chair of UPBAC, "Observations
     on the Budget Process", were distributed.
     - The Chair has sent a follow-up memo to Corky Bush and Susan Alt
     regarding the possibility of compiling a list of personnel
     policies affecting professionals and is awaiting a response.

Nominating Committee report.
     - A ballot prepared by UGC Nominating Committee was distributed.
     - The following nominations were made from the floor:
          - Leslie Schmidt, Chair Elect, Professional Council
          - Clyde Carrol, UGC Steering Committee Member
     - All positions with one nominee were filled by acclimation.
     - For nominees of the University Facilities Planning Board,  Pat
     Simmons received three votes, Brad Garnick received two votes.
     The names of the nominees will be forwarded to President Gamble.

UPBAC report - Jim Mitchell.
     - A positive of the committee is that all areas of the university
     are involved.  A negative is that the committee is weighted
     toward academics.
     - Principals for making decisions were adopted by the committee,
     but there is question of whether the principals have been
     - Before final proposals can be made, tuition needs to be set by
     the Board of Regents.
     - The question of how to increase retention and recruitment is
being addressed.
     - Possibilities for improving retention and recruitment mentioned
     during Professional Council discussion include:
          - More interaction between the university and community.
          - Making administrators and faculty more aware of
          opportunities to interact with students and prospective
          - Making information about MSU available at the Museum of
          the Rockies and at local motels.
     - There will be an open forum of UPBAC at 2 PM on May 21 to give
     opportunity for feedback about the proposed FY02 budget from

     - A performance based pay scale (MAP) is being implemented for
     classified employees.  It raises a question for professionals -
     could they fit into the same process?  There seems to be interest
     at the Commissioner of Higher Education level in doing so.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned.