July 18, 2001
PRESENT:  Jim Manning, Jim Mitchell, Vicki Orazem, Clyde Carroll.

Chair's report - Jim Manning.
     - A President's Executive Council/UGC Steering Committee retreat
     will be held September 6 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
     - Vicki was congratulated on her new position in Juneau, Alaska,
     and thanked for the contributions she has made to MSU and
     Professional Council.

Professional Council positions to be filled.
     - Carina Beck, Director of Family and Graduate Housing, has been
     nominated to fill the remaining one year of Chuck Lindemenn's
     term on Professional Council.  The nomination was approved by
     - After discussion, it was agreed to call for nominations to fill
     Vicki Orazem's term for three years.  By filling the position for
     three years, two positions on Professional Council will be up for
     election each year in the future.
          - A call for nominations of professionals in the area of
          Academic Affairs will be sent by e-mail to professionals.
          Nominations are to be submitted by August 14.
          - At the August 15 Professional Council meeting, the
          nominations will be approved.
          - A ballot will then be sent to professionals in Academic
          Affairs to elect a member for three years.

ITC Charges.
     - Increased charges for services provided by ITC were discussed.
     The increases may help provide a solution for ITC shortfalls but
     they create problems for other departments.
     - PEC is to discuss the issue at it's Monday meeting.

Professional Reference Document.
     - Director of Affirmative Action/Human Resources Corky Bush sent
     an e-mail to Professional Council on May 16 outlining the
     location of reference materials pertaining to professional
     - Legal Counsel Leslie Taylor followed up with a memo stating
     that the MSU Personnel Manual is the official guide for many
     issues affecting professionals.
     - Finding a way to consolidate information or to make it easier
     to reference will be considered further.

Future of professionals/MAP.
     - It appears to be the intent of the Commissioner of Higher
     Education's Office to eventually include professionals and
     administrators in MAP (the new university system classification
-     One hoped-for outcome of MAP is that it will help pay employees
according to market.
     - Corky Bush would like to meet with Professional Council to
     discuss MAP.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.