August 15, 2001
PRESENT:  Jim Manning, Carina Beck, Leslie Schmidt

Chair's report - Jim Manning
     - Carina Beck was welcomed as a member from the Student Affairs
     area.  She will fill the last year of the term left vacant by
     Chuck Lindemenn's resignation.
     - Jim Mitchell will become Professional Council Chair September
     1.  Leslie Schmidt will serve as Chair Elect, as determined
     during the June meeting.  Clyde Carroll will serve as the
     University Governance Council Steering Committee member from
     Professional Council.
     - Professional Council plays a role in maintaining the balance
     between the academic, research, and support areas of the
     university.  Professional Council and Faculty Council meet
     together once each month during the academic year as a University
     Governance Council.  University Governance Council Steering
     Committee sets agendas for the three councils and discusses
     issues affecting professionals and faculty.
     - Professional Council has established visibility in the MSU
     President's Office by meeting with the President as the need

Nominations for Professional Council Member from Academic Affairs.
     - Three individuals have been nominated for a three-year position
     in the area of Academic Affairs.  They are Sandy Rahn-Gibson,
     Extension; Mary Roloff, NSF-EPSCoR; and Becky Ward, Graduate
     - Each of the three individuals will be asked to prepare a short
     statement about herself to include with the ballot.  Ballots will
     be sent to eligible professionals and are to be returned by
     September 10.

From the floor.
     - A President's Executive Committee/UGC Steering Committee
     retreat will be held September 6 from 11 am to 1 pm in the
     President's Conference Room.  There will probably be no organized
     preparation by Steering Committee, as the retreat allows Steering
     Committee and PEC members to meet and have an informal
     - After brief discussion, it was agreed Professional Council is a
     forum where members and other interested individuals meet to
     express their opinions and reach consensus, if appropriate.
     There may not always be total agreement on issues, but members
     should feel free to express opinions, and these opinions should
     be recognized as valid.
     - A discussion of efforts being made around the university to
     address recruitment and retention might be worthwhile.