September 18, 2001
PRESENT:  Jim Mitchell, Leslie Schmidt, Becky Ward, Guest Jane

Chair's report - Jim Mitchell.
     - A university planning retreat was held September 10-11.
          - The purpose was to bring together the University Planning
          and Budget Committee and representatives from other
          university constituencies to begin a planning process for
          - Because the meeting was adjourned early (at noon Tuesday),
          there was not opportunity to develop a strategic planning
          - Discussion of what participants liked and did not like
          about the current budgeting process and about MSU in general
          took place.
          - The participants worked out a vision statement and mission
          statements (attached for members absent).  Little additional
          editing of the statements is anticipated, but any specific
          comments may be sent to Jim Mitchell.
          - UPBAC and other interested parties will continue the
          planning process discussion in October.
               - A sub-group of 7-8 retreat participants will come up
               with some alternative strategic planning process
               - The entire group will review these and select the one
               that is the best choice for MSU.
          - There are some strategic issues that need to be addressed
          by MSU this year, before the strategic planning process is
          in place.

UGC Nominating Committee report.
     - Pat Simmons, ITC, has been nominated for a professional
     employee position on the Traffic Appeals and Regulations
     Committee.  As there were no further nominations from the floor,
     it was agreed her name will be forwarded to President Gamble for

Space Allocation Principles.
     - The principles (attached for members absent) were discussed
     briefly.  If there are specific comments about the principles,
     please get in touch with Jim Mitchell.

MSU's Media Policy.
     - The policy was discussed at last week's University Governance
     Council meeting.  It will soon be available on the web.
     - The policy is a reminder that certain representatives (the
     President, University Relations Director) speak for MSU.  Others
     may offer information or opinions in their areas of expertise.

Professional employee issues.
     - Possible impacts of the new classification system (MAP) on
     professionals is an issue professionals need to discuss.
          - There is concern that all university employees will be
          folded into the new system.
          - Director of Affirmative Action/Human Resources Corky Bush
          should be invited to the October 17 Professional Council
          meeting to discuss the issue.
     - Last year, Corky Bush attended Professional Council to discuss
     where professionals fit into employment classifications and
     policies governing professional employees.
          - Later, Director Bush was asked to identify sections of
          personnel handbooks and manuals that pertain specifically to
          professionals.  She replied with an e-mail identifying many
          of these references.
          - Jim Mitchell will review the communications concerning the
          policies, and Professional Council will discuss ways in
          which the information might be used.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.