November 14, 2001
PRESENT:  Jim Mitchell, Carina Beck, Clyde Carroll, Becky Ward.
ABSENT:   Jim Manning, Leslie Schmidt.

The minutes of the October 17, 2001, meeting were approved as
distributed.  In the future, agendas and minutes will be distributed
by e-mail.  They are also available on the University Governance web

Chair's report - Jim Mitchell.
     - Clyde Carroll was elected to the Space Management Committee
     through e-mail correspondence.  His name was forwarded to Craig
     Roloff, Chair of the Committee.
     - The Chair is working on a draft paper stating the position of
     professionals that it is important for professionals to remain
     outside the MAP classification system.
     - Kathy Attebury is unable to attend today's Professional Council
     meeting to discuss the professional employee categories at MSU
     and how the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education views
     professional positions.   She will be invited to attend the
     December 19 Professional Council meeting.
     - The University Planning, Budget and Analysis Committee (UPBAC)
     met last week.
          - Enrollment at MSU is steady.  Although there is a decline
          in out-of-state students this fall, there are more in-state
          students than predicted.  Enrollment estimates made last
          spring were conservative, so anticipated revenue is in line
          with actual fall semester revenue.
          - Because of an on-going bookkeeping error, accounts
          receivable in certain students fees has a deficit of $2.3
          million.  Uncollected fees were not subtracted from revenue
          over a period of years.
               - There is a deficit of $1.5 million in the general
               operating fund, and this will be taken care of over a
               period of three years.  The remainder of the deficit
               will be covered by the Strand Union, residence halls,
               Student Health Services and other support services.
               - The discrepancy was discovered because of the Banner
               system.  In the future, collection of unpaid fees will
               be more aggressive and if the fees are not collected,
               it will be reflected in fund accounts.
     - Tuition scholarships for children of MSU-Bozeman employees is
     being discussed by University Governance Council.
          - The scholarships could reduce turnover of MSU employees,
          increase morale among employees, and encourage children of
          MSU employees to attend MSU-Bozeman.
          - What kinds of data will need to be collected?  (How many
          of these students already attend MSU?  How many additional
          students would attend MSU?  What would the cost be?  How
          many additional students would need to enroll to break even
          or make money for the university?)

Mediation process for professionals.
     - What kind of issues might a mediation process address?
     - It was mentioned that there is a mediation process available to
     the Bozeman community that works well.  It might be possible to
     use this process for some cases or to model a university  process
     after it.
     - The topic will be discussed further at the December 19th

     - The employee classification system was discussed.  Many
     professional employees supervise classified staff, so a system
     that is efficient and fair is important to professionals.
          - Because of low pay and morale, classified staff turnover
          is high, and professionals spend a significant amount of
          time filling vacant positions and training new staff.
          Morale of the classified staff affects the morale of the
          entire university.
          - The process of posting vacancy announcements has been
          slow, causing positions to be vacant for extended periods of
          - The MAP system does not yet have a mechanism for setting
          pay for new positions.  What kind of benchmark will be used
          - similar positions around the state?  Pay required to fill
          the position?
          - Will new employees possibly be paid higher salaries than
          continuing employees?
          - Some departments may be able to pay classified staff more
          than other departments.  Will inequity in pay be acceptable?
          - How will classified employees be compensated for
          additional responsibilities?
     - Jim will draft a memo to the President, cc'd to Craig Roloff
     and Susan Alt.  It will be distributed to Professional Council
     for comment.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.