April 17, 2002
PRESENT:  Jim Mitchell, Jim Manning, Clyde Carroll, Leslie Schmidt,
          Carina Beck, Becky Ward, Guest Mary Routhier.
ABSENT:   None.

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM by Chair Jim Mitchell.
The minutes of the March 20, 2002, meeting were approved as

Chair's report - Jim Mitchell.
     - According to Jim Manning, most of the MAP draft policies have
     been approved, but issues pertaining to progression pay have not
     been completely settled.  MAP has potential for increased
     recruitment and retention.
     - The administration agreed to accept the Vehicle Use Agreements
     without full disclosure of each person's driving record.  If an
     employee wrote a signed statement on the agreement that the
     policy has been read and understood, and that disclosing the
     information is an invasion of privacy, that is sufficient.
     - UPBAC has voted on the university budget amendments.  The
     Professional Council amendment requesting 1% additional pay
     increase for equity was approved at ?%.  It is not clear how that
     money will be distributed, but there probably will be a process
     to show there are retention or equity issues in particular areas.
     - On May 2, there will be an open forum to discuss UPBAC's budget

     - Ballots for the election of a Professional Council member from
     Academic Affairs are to be returned by April 22.
     - Nominations for a Professional Council member from Student
     Affairs are to be returned by April 17.
     - Nominees for the Debt Planning and Management Committee are
     Carina Beck and Al Bertelsen.  Jim Manning moved the two names be
     forwarded to President Gamble for his consideration.  He will
     appoint one to the Committee.  The motion was seconded and
     - Nominees for the Information Technology Advisory Task Force are
     Ritchie Boyd, Kim Obbink, and Doralyn Rossmann.  Clyde Carroll
     moved the three names be forwarded to President Gamble for his
     consideration.  He will appoint one to the Task Force.  The
     motion was seconded and carried.
     - Nominees for the Payroll Frequency Study Committee are Bill
     Preiss and Naomi Stewart.  Naomi Stewart was elected to the
     - Nominees for other university-wide committees are:
          - UGC Nominating Committee (2-year term) - Debra DeBode
          - MSU Benefits Committee Chair (3-yr term) - Don Mathre
          - Traffic Appeals and Regulations Committee (3-yr term) -
          Harrie Sherwood
          - Calendar Committee (3-yr term) - Tammie Brown
          - Personnel Board (2-yr term) - Christy Cousino
          - Jim Manning moved a unanimous ballot be cast for these
          nominees.  The motion was seconded and carried.
     - The election for Professional Council Chair Elect and
     Professional Council member on the UGC Steering Committee will be
     held after the new members from Academic Affairs and Student
     Affairs are determined.

Ombudsman proposal.
     - The return rate on the survey was about 10%.  Respondents were
     generally supportive of the proposal for a trial period.
     - The Provost has agreed to fund the proposal.
     - Although the original proposal indicates that the President
     will be the individual to whom the Ombudsman reports, the
     President would prefer that the Provost be in the reporting line.
     Then, if an issue goes to the grievance process, the President
     will not have had any contact with it.  During discussion,
     Professional Council members agreed this change is acceptable.
     - The purpose of having an Ombudsman is to attempt to resolve
     issues through an informal mediation process, in a
     non-confrontational way.  An Ombudsman is not the same as a
     professional mediator, and the Ombudsman might in fact recommend
     a professional mediator to the involved parties.  The Ombudsman
     would provide professionals with a step before grievance.  It
     would be a neutral person to help resolve a situation.
     - It is anticipated the Ombudsman would be a faculty member with
     a long tenure at MSU.
     - It is the intent to have a proposal approved by the end of the
     academic year.  Both the President and the Provost agree the
     Ombudsman proposal is a good idea.  The proposal is for a two
     year pilot, to be assessed after the first year.
     - Comments should be sent to Chair Mitchell by April 24.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:10 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary