May 15, 2002
PRESENT:  Jim Mitchell, Clyde Carroll, Jim Manning, Becky Ward.
ABSENT:   Carina Beck, Leslie Schmidt.

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 PM by Chair Jim Mitchell.  The
minutes of the April 17, 2002, meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Jim Mitchell.
     - Glenn Puffer, the Professional Council member elected from
     Student Affairs, was unable to attend today's meeting.  Jim
     Manning was reelected by professionals in Academic Affairs to a
     three-year term on the Council.
     - Salaries increases for professionals for next year will average
     4%, and there will be increases for some professionals from a
     0.5% salary pool.  The President and VPs will determine the
     criteria for equity increases and how the pool will be
     - No budget amendment was presented for MAP equity.
     - MAP rules have been distributed, but yet to be determined is
     the per cent range for salary progression.  For now, it appears
     that UM and MSU have decided upon 9% from the old classified pay

Election of Professional Council Chair Elect and UGC Steering
Committee Member.
     - The elections will be deferred until next meeting so Leslie
     Schmidt and Glenn Puffer can be present for discussion of

UPBAC update - Jim Mitchell.
     - The professional equity pool was protected in next year's
     budget by UPBAC, on a 9-8 vote.
     -  The President accepted the UPBAC proposed budget for FY03, as
     it was presented.
     - The Governor's reversion of money, discussed at UPBAC, may not
     be as high as 3%, or enrollment may increase enough to cover any
     reversion.  Since the Provost's budget is over one-half of the
     general fund money for the university, most reversion
     authorization would come from those programs.
     - UPBAC will not meet during the summer.
     - The Strategic Planning Committee will meet during the summer.
     The committee will discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
     and threats and capacity of the university.
     - Strategic plans need to be flexible but need to identify campus
     issues needing attention.
     - When UPBAC meets next year, strategic issues and the desired
     direction for the university to move will have been discussed by

Ombudsman proposal.
     - An announcement has been made which outlines the process by
     which an Ombudsman will be identified and which calls for
     - The search committee for an Ombudsman is Joe Fedock, Jim
     Manning, John Sherwood, and Corky Bush.
     - The committee will present two names to the President, who will
     select the Ombudsman.

     - The next Professional Council meeting is scheduled for June 19.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.