June 19, 2002
PRESENT:  Jim Mitchell, Becky Ward, Clyde Carroll, Jim Manning,
          2002-03 member Glenn Puffer.

ABSENT:   Carina Beck, Leslie Schmidt.

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by the Chair, Jim Mitchell.
The minutes of the May 15, 2002, meeting were approved as distributed.
The newly-elected Professional Council member from Student Affairs,
Glenn Puffer, was introduced.

Chair's report.
     - Members of the Ombudsman search committee are Jim Manning, John
     Sherwood, Joe Fedock, and Corky Bush.  Jim Manning reported that
     the names of three candidates were forwarded to President Gamble
     with comments.  The President will make the final determination
     of the Ombudsman.
     - During the last UPBAC meeting of the academic year, the
     probability of a general fund reduction was discussed.  It is
     hoped to hold the reduction of MSU's budgets to 3%.
     - A professional employee equity salary pool for FY03 was
     included in UPBAC's budget amendments, and it was approved by
     President Gamble.  The President will determine how to distribute
     the equity money.

Nominations and Elections.
     - Two positions are still to be filled by Professional Council
     members: Professional Council Chair Elect and Professional
     Council member of the University Governance Council Steering
     - Jim Manning nominated Glenn Puffer as Chair Elect and Becky
     Ward as UGC Steering Committee member.  The nominations were
     seconded and approved.
     - It was stated that Professional Council has become a visible
     entity on campus and that it appears to have made a significant
     impact on various university policies.

     - MAP, the new classified employee evaluation and pay plan, is
     being implemented.  Earlier this year, Professional Council met
     with both President Gamble and Susan Alt, Director of Payroll and
     Personnel, to discuss issues that needed to be worked out within
     the system.  These are being addressed.
     - The next Professional Council meeting is tentatively scheduled
     for Wednesday, July 17.  If there is business for the Council to
     discuss, it will meet that day.  Otherwise, members will be
     informed that it has been cancelled.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM.