September 18, 2002
PRESENT:  Leslie Schmidt, Jim Mitchell, Becky Ward, Jim Manning, Clyde
ABSENT:   Glenn Puffer.

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by Chair Leslie Schmidt.
The minutes of the August 21, 2002, meeting were approved as

Chair's report - Leslie Schmidt.
     - The Ombudsman proposal was accepted by the administration.  It
     is a two-year pilot project.
          - Nancy Dodd was appointed as Ombudsman.
          - Findings will be reported to the Provost.
          - There will be general reporting of the outcomes at the end
          of the year - the number of individuals using the process
          and the general disposition.
          - It was suggested a reminder of the availability of the
          Ombudsman be sent to professionals.
     - Additional compensation and rewriting of the policies in the
     Faculty Handbook are being discussed.  Are there any implications
     for professionals?

MAP  - Discussion.
     - Becky Ward reported that Candy Holt is the system-wide MAP
     project director.  MSU has four individuals on the system-side
     committee representing labor management, including Milana
     Lazetich (labor).
     - MAP is impacting morale, and the amount of time spent on MAP is
     taking time away from other responsibilities.  Both classified
     employees and their supervisors, many of whom are professionals,
     are affected by the extra demands made by the process.
     - Employee evaluations are to be completed and sent to Personnel
     by the end of September.  New goals are due October 1.
     - How does Professional Council want to address MAP concerns?
          - The process needs to be comprehensible, streamlined, and
          flexible.  It should not be micromanaged.
          - MAP does not provide a comprehensive analysis of how well
          a job is being completed.
          - The large issue of appropriate pay scales is not being
     - It was agreed there are several categories for Professional
     Council concerns:
          - Micromanagement
          - Timing of deadlines
          - Inconsistencies in direction
          - Financial issues (unwieldy need for several signatures for
          lump sum funding, career ladders should be decided by
          departments, additional pay lags behind assuming of
          additional responsibilities)
          - Lack of comprehensive evaluation of employee's work.
          - Positive points (MAP provides opportunity to discuss job
          with supervisor)
     - Leslie will check with CEPAC Chair for a recommendation of a
     classified employee to come to Professional Council to discuss
     the issues from that perspective.  Leslie will also find out if
     there is a Professional Council at UM, and if so, how
     professionals there are dealing with MAP.
     - The goal is for professionals to give input that will help
     provide positive changes to the MAP process.

Promoting participation in Professional Council - Discussion.
     Suggestions include:
          - Each Professional Council member invite one or two
          professionals to each Professional Council meeting.
          - Occasionally send an e-mail message to all professionals
          which includes information of interest to them.
          - Host a meeting and social time to which professionals are
          specifically invited.

     - Professional Council needs to be attentive to the state budget

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:20 PM.