March 19, 2003
All Members Were Present: Leslie Schmidt, Glenn Puffer, Clyde Carroll,
Becky Ward, Jim Manning, Jim Mitchell.

Visitors Present: MSU Bookstore Manager Mark Frisby.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Leslie Schmidt at 2:10 PM.
The minutes of the February 19, 2003, meeting were approved as

Renovation of the MSU Bookstore - Mark Frisby.
     - The MSU Bookstore, incorporated in 1931, is incorporated
     separately from MSU.
     - It rents the space it occupies in the SUB, based on a percent
     of sales.
     - The last renovation was done in the 1970's.  Work during this
     renovation will include a new ceiling, all new fixtures, new
     flooring, and a new front door design.  There will be aisles
     separating the four major areas of the Bookstore.
     - Although space will be reconfigured, no new space will be
     - The work will be done in three phases, and all work is expected
     to be done late in the summer.  The renovation in textbooks and
     stocking areas is expected to be finished by May.  The most
     difficult, the back offices and supply areas, will be done next.
     The last phase includes the entrance, cash register area,
     clothing and gifts.
     - The anticipated cost of the renovation is $1.2 million.  Money
     for the renovation is on deposit.
     - The Bookstore pays its employees separately from MSU.  The
     Bookstore pays for its employees to participate in the university
     health benefits and retirement plans.  The Bookstore also pays
     for the right to use university logos and other marks.
     - The MSU Bookstore still maintains to lowest-priced textbook
     structure in the country and anticipates continuing to do so.

Chair's report - Leslie Schmidt.
     - A draft questionnaire was distributed.  It will gather
     information from MSU employees before continuing to explore the
     possibility of tuition scholarships for children of employees.
     Comments about the questionnaire should be directed to Leslie.

UPBAC - Clyde Carroll and Jim Mitchell.
     - HB 13, a pay plan bill, includes an increase of $.45/hour for
     each state employee, beginning January, 2004.  No additional
     funding is provided for the increase.
     - Balancing the university system's budget is a concern.
          - At this time, it is anticipated the budget could be
          balanced with an 11.75% tuition increase.  Because the
          current tuition surcharge is for one year only, the actual
          increase in next year's tuition over this semester's tuition
          would be very small.  It is not known if the Board of
          Regents would approve this increase.
          - The Regents have shown interest in reallocating state
          monies so the smaller campuses receive more money per
          student than MSU and UM.  This keeps tuition at the smaller
          units lower but increases tuition at MSU and UM.
          - There are inflationary increases that must be covered in
          MSU's budget.  Liability insurance is increasing $600,000;
          there is an increase in utility costs; and the Libraries is
          experiencing a 9 1/2% yearly increase in subscription costs.
     - There is beginning to be discussion of how budgets can be
     reduced, if necessary.  Possibilities include across-the-board
     reductions, capping enrollment (raising admission standards); pay
     reductions; and not teaching extra sections of courses.  Each
     reduction has a cost in serving students and the state.
     - During discussion by Professional Council members, it was
     suggested University Governance Council Steering Committee
     consider putting a structure in place so that input about tuition
     can quickly be provided to the Board of Regents .

Nominations for Professional Council positions.
     - The following individuals have been nominated for two positions
     on Professional Council.
          - Academic Affairs: Ian Godwin, Assistant Director of the
          Northern Plains Transition to Teaching and
          Troops-to-Teachers; Sandy Rahn-Gibson, Budget and Fiscal
          Director of the MSU Extension Service; and Doralyn Rossmann,
          Library Systems Analyst.
          - Student Affairs: Jim Mitchell, Director of the Student
          Health Service; Rita Rozier, Academic Specialist in Advance
          By Choice; and Brenda York, Interim Director of Disability,
          Re-entry, and Veteran Services.
     - Ballots for the elections will be sent to appropriate
     constituencies later this week.

     - According to information Clyde Carroll has received from the
     Ombudsman, so far this year, one professional and two faculty
     have contacted the Ombudsman.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.