April 16, 2003
Members Present: Leslie Schmidt, Clyde Carroll, Jim Manning, Jim
Mitchell, Becky Ward.
Member Absent: Glenn Puffer.

The regularly-scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair Leslie
Schmidt at 2:00 PM.  A quorum was present.  The minutes of the March
19, 2003, meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Leslie Schmidt.
     - Sandy Rahn-Gibson was elected as the academic affairs
     representative to Professional Council, beginning September, 03.
     Jim Mitchell was re-elected to a three-year term from student
     - Chair Schmidt brought up the possibility of professionals and
     faculty taking a position regarding increases in student fees
     with UGC Steering Committee.  The ASMSU President indicated it is
     not a major issue with students at this time, so it was decided
     to not take a stand at this time.
          - The Provost has stated at UPBAC that the tuition increase
          next year will probably be about $24/year for similar class
          quality and access (if the increase over this year - with
          its one-year tuition surcharge - is the comparison).

Report from UPBAC  - Jim Mitchell.
     - A significant issue to MSU-Bozeman for the coming year is that
     a reallocation of money to the smaller campuses is expected, but
     it is not known how much it will be.
     - President Gamble has stated he is not willing to allocate money
     to other campuses without receiving a plan for the use of the
     money, assessing results of the increase, and a fall-back
     position if results are not positive.
     - The state pay plan does not include money for raises.
          - UPBAC will set aside a .5% increase in faculty,
          professional, and classified employee salary pools.
          Classified will use the money for MAP bonuses and faculty
          will use it for raises upon promotion and tenure and equity
          - How would professionals like to see their .5% allocated?
          - There appeared to be agreement that distributing the money
          through a centralized decision-making process seemed most
          appropriate.  Equity issues should be addressed first.
          Leslie Schmidt will discuss the mechanism used last year and
          the number of professionals who might be affected with Clyde
          Carroll and bring the information back to Professional
     - To fund IT, particularly Internet II, both instruction and
     research will pay a share.  AES and ES will also help fund the
     additional costs.  The cost of internet services will be built
     into the budget, just as utilities are.
     - After the FY 04 budget is known, UPBAC will decide which budget
     amendments to fund.

Professional Council Nominations/Elections.
     - Jim Mitchell moved that the following nominations be submitted
     to the appropriate individual for appointment:
          - Strategic Planning Committee - Mary Noll
          - Traffic Appeals and Regulations Committee - Patricia
          - MSU Benefits Committee - Robert Johnston
     - The motion was seconded and carried.
     - The Chair Elect and UGC Steering Committee member will be
     elected at the May meeting.

     - The proposed tuition scholarship program for children of
     employees is moving forward.
     - A mentoring program for student athletes is proposed.  Chair
     Schmidt will find out the details and report to Professional
     - Becky Ward reported, as a member of the selection committee for
     the Employee Recognition Awards, that it was difficult to screen
     the applications.  The screening committee recommends to
     Personnel and Payroll Services that in the future, a position
     description for each nomination be included so the committee has
     a basis for selection.  It is also suggested that the reason for
     each individual's nomination be stated at the recognition

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.