May 21, 2003
Members Present: Leslie Schmidt, Glenn Puffer, Becky Ward, Jim
Members Absent: Clyde Carroll, Jim Manning.
Others Present: Sandy Rahn-Gibson.

The regularly scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair Leslie
Schmidt at 2:10 PM.  A quorum was present.  The minutes of the April
16, 2003, were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Leslie Schmidt.
     - Chair Schmidt received a memo from President Gamble asking that
     Professional Council respond to a proposed amendment to Section
     212.00 of the Faculty Handbook.
          - In that section, the words "under review" would be
          replaced with the sentence, "Professional Staff are not
          covered by the Faculty Handbook, but instead by the
          Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, as well as by
          Board of Regents' Policy".
          - Professional Council approved the proposed amendment.  The
          Chair will contact President Gamble with the decision.
          - In response to a query at the April 16 Council meeting
          regarding last year's .5% professional employee equity pool,
          Clyde Carroll reported to Leslie Schmidt that three
          professionals received equity/market adjustments totaling

Election of Professional Council Chair Elect and UGC Steering
Committee member.
     - By acclamation, Sandy Rahn-Gibson was named Professional
     Council Chair Elect and Jim Mitchell was named UGC Steering
     Committee member for 2003-04.
     - They and Glenn Puffer, Chair for 2003-04, will take office at
     the August meeting.

UPBAC update - Jim Mitchell.
     - UPBAC has presented a proposed budget to President Gamble.
          - There are no raises included until January 1, 2005, when
          the legislature has funded at $0.25/hour/employee increase.
          - Money has been set aside to address equity issues for
          faculty, professionals, and classified employees.
               - Faculty monies will be used for raises at promotion
               and tenure, as well as some equity adjustments.
               - Classified monies will be used to address MAP
               - Mitchell recommends to Professional Council that a
               statement be made addressing the use of monies for
               professional employee equity.
                    - Options include distributing the money to Vice
                    Presidents and distributing the money centrally
                    from the President, as was the case last year.
                    - Chair Schmidt will request information regarding
                    the number of professionals who applied for the
                    equity/market adjustments last year.
                    - The issue will be discussed in greater depth at
                    the June 18 meeting.
          - Implementation of the proposed budget is contingent upon
          approval by the Board of Regents of tuition increases of
          12.5% during each year of the biennium.  ASMSU has supported
          the increases.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.