September 17, 2003
MEMBERS PRESENT: Leslie Schmidt, Glenn Puffer, Sandy Rahn-Gibson, Jim
Mitchell, Becky Ward, Jim Manning.

The meeting was called to order by 2002-03 Professional Council Chair
Leslie Schmidt at 2 PM.  All members were present.  The minutes of the
June 4, 2003, meeting were approved as distributed.

Report from the 2002-03 Chair - Leslie Schmidt.
     - Chair Schmidt recapped Professional Council activities of the
     past year.
          - The Council discussed and expressed concern regarding MAP
          implementation.  Changes in the process were made, so no
          further action was taken.
          - The Office of the Ombudsman was implemented, through
          University Governance Council.  An annual report was
          distributed by the Ombudsman, Nancy Dodd, at the September
          11 UGC meeting.
          - Becky Ward participated in the selection committee for
          Awards for Excellence winners.
          - Mark Frisby, General Manager for the MSU Bookstore,
          attended a meeting to discuss the bookstore renovation that
          took place over the summer.
          - The Council had input into a survey of MSU employees
          regarding scholarships for children of employees.
               - Since that survey, a PC member has been asked if
               consideration might be given to allowing the child of
               an employee to use an employee's fee waiver for classes
               if the parent does not use it.  It does not appear this
               is an option, but the possibility will be checked.
          - A memo was sent to President Gamble stating the Council's
          opinion for the distribution of the professionals' salary
          equity pool.
          - UPBAC updates were received on a regular basis from Jim
          Mitchell, Professional Council representative on that
     - Issues that continue into this year include updating the
     Professional Council website (Glenn Puffer will get in touch with
     Rich Howard to move the process forward) and a report on the
     number of professionals who have received equity raises.  Leslie
     Schmidt will gather this information from the vice presidents.

Leslie Schmidt was thanked for her service as Chair of Professional
Council.  Glenn Puffer was welcomed as the 2003-04 Chair.

Remarks by the 2003-04 Professional Council Chair - Glenn Puffer.
     - Issues to be considered early in the year include:
          - A review of the Professional Council Constitution and
          By-Laws to determine if any amendments are appropriate.  It
          was agreed to discuss any proposed changes at the October 15
          Professional Council meeting and take action on them.
          - A discussion of the size of Professional Council.  There
          are advantages to keeping the Council small, but there may
          be advantages to a small increase in the size or
          redistribution of seats.
               - Joann Amend will send Council members a list of the
               number of professional employees in each of the three
               constituencies - Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and
               Services, and Administrative Offices.
     - Other issues to be considered during the year include:
          - Follow-up on the concept of scholarships for children of
          MSU employees, with Faculty Council and CEPAC.
          - An invitation to President Gamble to meeting later in the
          year with the Council to discuss issues of interest to
          professional employees.
     - An e-mail was sent to professionals, requesting input regarding
     their thoughts.  Two replies have been received thus far.
          - A concern regarding health benefits was received.  The
          Chair will ask Dawn Watkins, Personnel and Payroll Services,
          for input (and perhaps invite her to a meeting to discuss
          the issue) and will send the individual with the concern a
          note stating that PC will look into it.

Nominations for UPBAC.
     - Leslie Schmidt and Jim Mitchell have been nominated for a
     position on UPBAC.
     - There was agreement that Professional Council should send one
     name to President Gamble, who will make the appointment.
     - Leslie and Jim will send a short statement of their interest
     and qualifications to Joann by Friday noon.  These will be
     distributed to Professional Council members, who will then
     indicate to Joann which name should be forwarded to the

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.