Montana State University

Meeting Minutes for February 15, 2012

415 Reid Hall

Minutes from Professional Council Meeting, 2/15/12, 10:00 am

Present: Nora Smith, Jeff Littlefield, Betsey Pitts, Carolyn Plumb, Julie Tatarka, Nancy Filbin for Erika Swanson

Meeting minutes from 2/1/12 were approved.

Julie Tatarka was congratulated on the turnout for the professional development seminar on public speaking. It is estimated that roughly 80 employees attended.

There was a discussion of possible topics for Dennis Defa’s visit to PC scheduled for 3/7/12:

  • His vision for HR services, including what areas he thinks need to be improved;
  • Re-evaluation of classified positions and the defining categories for classified vs. professional positions; and,
  • Training for supervisors.

PC has invited Vice President Tom McCoy to a future meeting in either April or May. PC will apprise him that it will be an informal meeting where he may answer questions, such as, "What is the [nutshell] philosophy of our research pursuit?"

PC will send out a "call for nomination" to elect a new representative on the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee; Plumb will collect ballots for nominees via Survey Monkey.

A retirement card for Commissioner Sheila Stearns was passed around.

The last two ASGL meetings have been cancelled so there is no news to report from that group.

Regarding the April meeting of past PC members, PC agreed that it is intended to be a social occasion. Former PC members who no longer work at MSU will be contacted.

Chancey Ringer arrived at 10:40 and gave an update on Family and Graduate Housing.

As there was no other business, the meeting ended at 11:00 am.

Gale R. Gough
Administrative Associate