Montana State University

Meeting Minutes for April 4, 2012

415 Reid Hall

Minutes from Professional Council Meeting, 4/4/12, 10:00 am

Present: Nora Smith, Jeff Littlefield, Betsey Pitts, Carolyn Plumb, Julie Tatarka, Jeanne Wilkinson, Chancey Ringer, Erika Swanson, Pat Lane, Adam Edelman

Others present: Donna Negaard, Leslie Taylor

Meeting minutes from 3/21/2012 were approved.

Guidelines for Good Practice for University Programs for Children – Leslie Taylor
MSU Legal Counsel, Leslie Taylor, discussed the proposed guidelines. Taylor and faculty/staff who sponsor camps/programs, or other events on campus, drafted behavioral guidelines for organizers of any event that involve children (sports camps, those who teach children, events that MSU sponsors). Currently, the guidelines are in draft form and Taylor welcomes input.

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment – Leslie Taylor
Taylor updated PC on MSU’s process and policy updates due to the "Dear Colleague" letter, written by the Department of Education.

Elections –Chair Wilkinson

  • There will be three vacancies on PC: administration, academic, and student affairs. Nora Smith, who is completing a partial academic term for a PC member who left MSU, would like to run again for a full three-year term. Pitts will email the professional employee classification criteria used for the last election to Wilkinson.
  • The university Research Council needs a new member, and Wilkinson to send out a call for nominations for a research professional and PC will appoint.

Professional Development - Tatarka

  • Tatarka is moving forward with the Bio-safety Seminar.

Announcements - Wilkinson

  • Linda LaCrone, professional rep on the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee, asked Wilkinson to announce that there will be parking forums on April 18, 19 for employees to provide input. A survey of employees/students indicated that participants would be willing to pay more in parking if a parking garage was built.
  • Smith reported that Commissioner Stearns thanked PC for their gift certificate.
  • Wilkinson and Swanson met with President Cruzado last Friday. One topic was communication on campus. Administration is depending more on employee groups to inform their constituents. PC will revisit giving permission to HR to send out their messages via the professional employee distribution list serve. Doug Steele will attend one of the May PC meetings to discuss the upcoming legislative session. The conversation then shifted to an initiative President Cruzado is starting that looks at graduation rates, student credit hours, and need based funding – once students reach the 12-credit threshold, what happens? At the Assistant Deans level, there is a survey instrument being devised to find out how much time students spend, off campus, working. Potvin announced at University Council that she is forming a committee to address this topic.
  • Pitts reported that Joe Thiel is forming a group of students to communicate with legislators; PC would like to explore how they might participate. Swanson discussed how all Montanans are helping students and how that might be showcased.
  • Pitts discussed the details of the social this evening for previous PC members.

University Council – Wilkinson

  • The Responsibility of Applicants for Promoting Objectivity in Research (Conflict of Interest) ruling affecting NIH researchers revamped some of their policy criteria.
  • Student Athlete Code of Conduct was approved.
  • Revision of the Admin 4% fee to F&A Accounts- The 4% Administrative Fee to F&A accounts will be charged centrally rather than to each departmental account. The 4% fee will continue to be assessed on all other (non-F&A) designated accounts based on actual expenditures.
  • Breast feeding policy clarification was passed.
  • Michael Stevenson and Jaynee Groseth gave a presentation about the Alumni Foundation, and how they will move into the future.
  • There is another Strategic Plan draft available. Jim Rimpau stated that the plan was close to being done and will be voted on in September by University Council. The current draft may be viewed on the web, and suggestions may still be submitted.
  • Staff Senate has a training session in the pipeline; faculty reported that Jeff Krauss, the newly appointed Board of Regents member, spoke at a recent Faculty Senate meeting, and PC would like to invite him to one of theirs, as well.
  • Doug Steele talked about the working group on leadership and engagement and the likelihood that another MSU Governance Council will be formed to address leadership and engagement.
  • There is a listening session on campus today with Commissioner Clay Christian. His primary focus is with the Gallatin College Program.

As there was no other business, the meeting ended at 11:00 am.

Gale R. Gough
Administrative Associate