Montana State University

Meeting Minutes for April 18, 2012

415 Reid Hall

Minutes from Professional Council Meeting, 4/18/12, 10:00 am

Present: Nora Smith, Jeff Littlefield, Carolyn Plumb, Julie Tatarka, Jeanne Wilkinson, Chancey Ringer, Erika Swanson, Pat Lane, Adam Edelman

Others present: Donna Negaard, Robert Putzke, Bob Lashaway, Kurt Blunck

Meeting minutes from 4/4/2012 were approved.

Elections in May/Call for Nominations - Wilkinson
PC elections will take place within the next two weeks to fill vacancies within the administration, academic, and student affairs categories. PC members will review the four (4) university Research Council nominees and email Pat Lane with their vote by the end of the day, Friday, April 20, 2012.


  • UFPB Update – Lane
    • The final draft of the landscape plan, a projection of how the campus will look over the next twenty years is available in the library and online.
    • The MSU sign at College and 11th will be moved to 19th. A newly designed, larger sign will take its place.
    • From the Registrar’s Classroom Renovations Proposal that the President is funding, the Classroom Renovation Committee has prioritized $1.5M in classroom renovations, which will begin this summer. The classrooms being renovated are Roberts 210,301,312 and Wilson 132.
    • The BoR approved the remodel of Hapner and Langford and the project will be funded through a bond issuance. Langford’s volleyball court is being removed.
    • There is a student academic R&R fund which might help fund some campus renovations.
    • To assist in prioritization of campus renovations, Facilities is developing a form that deans/dept heads fill out to indicate the building projects they would like completed.
    • Plumb commented that projects/outcomes should be guided by our new Strategic Plan.
    • New seating will be installed in Leon Johnson 339 and EPS 103 over the summer.
    • Artist Jim Dolan would like to donate a statue of Black Elk to MSU.
  • Dean of Students – Swanson
    • MSU will host candidates for the Assistant Dean of Students position April 23, 24 and 27, 9:00 am, SUB 168.
  • Terry Leist is the new VP of Admin & Finance.
  • Edelman reported that the Strategic Planning subcommittee work has been completed, and the newest version of the Strategic Plan will be presented to University Council in May, and up for a final vote in September.

Parking Garage Discussion – Bob Lashaway, Bob Putzke

  • There is a parking forum today, noon, Procrastinator Theatre and another at 5:00 pm tomorrow in SUB 233.
  • Bob Lashaway described the background and need for a parking garage near the new College of Business building which will be installed north of Wilson Hall. The architectural design would be non-traditional, with windows, and blend into the neighborhood landscape. It would be well-lit, but would not produce harsh, ambient light radiating into the surrounding neighborhood.
  • To subsidize the building, parking permits would increase by $8, each year, for four consecutive years, beginning in July 2013.
  • The Master Plan projects 4-5 more parking areas on campus, in the future.
  • The students support the garage and ASMSU is crafting a resolution in favor of the structure to be presented tomorrow night.
  • The community is voicing opposition to the garage because of the perceived traffic flow increase on Harrison and 8th.
  • Parking is seeking Professional Council’s acknowledgement of the problem, and their proposed solution. PC will help disseminate information to constituents via a link on their website. Swanson will help to alert parents, as well. Ringer stated that the inter-hall and freshman apartment residents recognize the value of the structure, even though they would not, most likely, use the garage.
  • Spaces would include 30 reserved spaces, 50 would be short time self-pay system, some would be for handicapped, and the balance would be super “E” spaces for residents in specific residence halls and regular “E” spaces, of which SB permit may compete.
  • Bus and bicycle interface with the garage would include Streamline pick-up/drop-off and strategically placed bike racks in corners of the building where parking could not be accommodated.
  • Maintenance of the garage has been factored into the proposed budget.

As there was no other business, the meeting ended at 11:00 am.

Gale R. Gough
Administrative Associate