Professional Council

Upcoming Meeting: Wednesday, January 21, 2pm — Wilson 2-257

Guest Speaker: Tricia Cook – Budget Council and Walt Bangzinger – Campus Planning, Design & Construction Project Process

The Professional Council (PC) was established by MSU's President in 1979 as a means of facilitating communication and cooperation among professionals, and communication with administration in the development of general decisions and policies which affect professional employees.  The Council is intended to promote collaborative efforst by professional with others on campus in mutal efforst to effectively and efficiently carry out the land-grant missions at Montana State University, Bozeman.

Professional Council meets twice each month during the academic year, and/or as called by the Chair. All meetings are conducted according to the MSU policy on open meetings.


Next Meeting:  February 4th, 2pm — Reid Hall 415


MSU Convocation Next Week 

More information here: http://calendar.msu.montana. edu/events/14639