Name Position Represents Term # Ends
James Tobin Chair  Student Affairs 3 9/18
Erika Matsuda  Chair-Elect Outreach & Engagement  1 9/20
Amy Stix Past Chair, Treasurer Academic Affairs 3 9/18
Jenny Lavey Website/Secretary Outreach & Engagement 2 9/19
Yvonne Rudman Social Coordinator Administration 2 9/19
Gini Mohr Website/Social Media  Student Affairs 1 9/19
Matthew Ulberg Archivist Administrative Offices 1 9/20
Logan Schultz Professional Development Academic  1 9/20
Brad Eik Membership Liaison Research 2 9/19
Julie Clay Logistics Coordinator Member at Large 2 9/19



Provide a means for professional employees and administration to interact and to discuss, formulate, and recommend university policy to the appropriate university authority. The Professional Council Constitution describes the powers of the Council to recommend such policy, always within the constraints of the Montana University System powers as described in the Constitution of the State of Montana.  See the Professional Council Bylaws and Constitution.


Professional Council meetings are held twice monthly during the academic year.  One meeting is for Professional Council business and the second for guest speakers.  See Professional Council Meeting Schedule for location and times.


The Professional Council is composed of ten members who are elected from professionals employed in four divisions:  two members from Academic Affairs, two from Student Affairs, two from Administrative Offices, two from Research Professionals, one member from Outreach & Engagement and one as a Member at Large.  Alternates to regular members may attend and vote in the absence of members to whom they are alternates. These divisions and a provision for alternates are established in the Professional Council Bylaws.

Professional staff members are defined as non-classified, non-faculty employees appointed on a Montana University System contract or Letter of Appointment who hold a non-instructional position. Employees having more than one assignment, where at least one assignment is administrative/professional in nature, are represented by Professional Council for their professional assignment.

Nonvoting Member: Administrative Associate of Professional Council.

Length of Term

Elected members serve three-year terms and may be re-elected. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms. (See Professional Council By-Laws.) P=partial term.

Appointed By

Elected members are elected by their individual constituencies according to the Bylaws of Professional Council.


Current - James Tobin <>
Title - Assistant Director, Residence Life 
Appointed By - Elected by Professional Council membership
Length of Term - August 2015 – August  2018

Advisory To

Administrators of Montana State University Bozeman

Reports Due

Minutes of meetings are posted to the Professional Council web page.

Mechanism for Changing This Information

Changes may be made to committee structure and information only in accordance with Professional Council Constitution and By-Laws. Authorization of changes comes only through the Secretary to University Governance Council, with the approval of the current Chair and Chair Elect of Professional Council.