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Fall 2015 Psychology Peer Advisors
Fall 2015 Peer Advisors

Location: 319 Traphagen Hall
Fall Hours: Monday to Thurs 8:30-5:00 pm. Fri 8:30-4:00 pm

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Stop in, Ask Questions, Learn to Find Answers!

FAQ's and Answers

Prepare for an advising meeting

Do your 'advising homework' from our Advising Handout
Just confused? Stop in and chat!

Download your DegreeWorks and bring it with you! 

Choosing courses for next semester

1. Pick up your PIN for registration in Peer Advising Center, 319 Traphagen Hall
2. Update your Psych Major Worksheet (download form) (pre-2010 form)
3. Think! What courses do you need and what options are there?
4. Look online at what's offered. What's best for your own goals?
5. Update your Core 2.0 Worksheet
6. Meet with a peer or faculty advisor, or both, then register online! 

Plan your curriculum. Maybe add a minor or double major!

  • 4-year Plan for Psychology
  • 4-year Plan for Psychology with Pre-med
  • 4-year Plan for Psychology with Coaching Minor
  • 4-year Plan for Psychology with Women's and Gender Studies Minor
  • 4-year Plan for Psychology with Philosophy double major
  • 4-year Plan for Psychology with Soc / Criminology [note, Soc and Crim are not the same option. Also, this is a rough overview of requirements. Students should consult with someone in Sociology regarding more specific requirements ].
  • 4-year Course Plan for Psychology with Business

Figuring out when you'll graduate? Check Degree Works! 

Download major requirements here or (pre-2010 requirements). Fill out Baccalaureate Degree Application and go over it with a peer advisor in 319 Traphagen Hall or your faculty advisor (bring your DegreeWorks printout with you)

Forms and worksheets

Slide Shows

Orientation slide show (in pdf) (covers Core 2.0,Psych major, Student Resources)

Join our Peer Academic Advising Team

Peer advisors take 3 credits of PSYX 495, read articles about academic advising, learn to be an advisor, and help staff the Peer Advising Center. Email Keith Hutchison:

Find a Career Path! You can do a lot of things with Psychology

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