My name is Lexi Sadler. I am a fourth year student at Montana State University and am double majoring in political science and psychology. I was born and raised in Reedley, California, but graduated from Belgrade High School in 2014. I spent my junior and senior year in Belgrade and quickly fell in love with Montana. My ultimate goal is to be a district appointed attorney for underprivileged children in the Special Victims Unit. When I graduate, in the fall of 2018, I will move on to law school. I enjoy traveling, photography, music, and writing, among other things. I’m twenty-one and yes I have a bucket list, it’s never too early to get started, in my opinion. One thing that is on there is to hike Kahuitara Point in New Zealand next new year’s day to be the first in the world to see the sun rise. January 1, 2018 I hiked an eight mile trail in Maine in -40o, Cadillac Mountain (picture below), to be the first in the United States to watch the first sunrise of 2018. I’m always on the hunt for an adventure. Stop by the peer advising office in Trap 319 for any help I can provide or just to chit chat. We are here to help! Go Cats!