Dr. Monica Skewes awarded Bellagio-Center award for an academic writing residency in April. 

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Residency Program offers academics, artists, thought leaders, policymakers, and practitioners a serene setting conducive to focused, goal-oriented work, and the unparalleled opportunity to establish new connections with fellow residents from a wide array of backgrounds, disciplines, and geographies. The Foundation’s Bellagio Residency Program has a track record for supporting the generation of important new knowledge addressing some of the most complex issues facing our world, and innovative new works of art that inspire reflection and understanding of global and social issues.



MSU Psychology Students Featured in Confluence Magazine

Graduate students Megan Bruun  (page 9) and Mariana Olsen (page 35), along with undergraduate Fiona Grubin (page 36) are featured prominanatly in the current issue of MSU's "Confluence" magazine.  Link below...


Congratulations to Dr. Brandon Scott

Dr. Scott was selected as as "Rising Star" by the Association for Psychological Science. "APS Rising Stars reflect the best and brightest of psychological science." The complete list of 2017 Rising Stars will appear in the January issue of the APS Observer.


First MSU Psychology Ph.D. Candidate    May 2017

Congratulations to our Ph.D. program trailblazer Mariana Olsen, who successfully passed her comprehensive exam and is now MSU’s first-ever Candidate for Ph.D. in Psychological Science!!!!!!  



Attention & Memory Lab research featured at Rocky Mountain Psychological Association    April 2017

Attention and Memory Lab

Attention and Memory Lab, Department of Psychology

Dr. Keith Hutchison’s Attention and Memory lab is featured at this year’s Ellis-Battig memorial symposium at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association annual conference April 6th – 8th in Salt Lake City. There are five presentations featuring work by seven MSU graduate students (four of whom are presenting). The event is also moderated by another former MSU Psychology graduate, Aaron Richmond, so it is an all MSU event! The Ellis-Battig Memory Symposium will highlight work exploring Social Contagion of Memory and the Role of Relative Judgments, The Role of Working Memory Capacity and Cognitive Load in Deception, The Effects of iClicker Bar Graph Feedback on Test Performance, Reconstructive Memory, Productivity Illusion in Distracted Driving, and Using Probabilistic Pre-Cues to Enhance Proactive Control: Evidence from Stroop Effects, Flanker Effects, and Negative Priming.


Dr. Michelle Meade's research featured by the BBC    September 2016

Dr. Michelle Meade

Dr. Michelle Meade, Associate Professor in the
Department of Psychology

Dr. Michelle Meade, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, has had her research featured by the BBC.  Dr. Meade's research examines mechanisms that give rise to memory distortion and investigates how those mechanisms might also lead to memory enhancement.  Her research has shown that memories can be influenced by false details and that those details can influence others.  The full BBC article, Four Ways That Other People Can Warp Your Memory, can be found on BBC.com.  Dr. Meade was a 2013 recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, collaborating with other cognition experts in Australia.  


Psychology Student News    April 2016

Several of our Psychology students are going on to pursue or continue Graduate level degrees:

    • Ted Maldonado (MS student) starting doctoral cognitive psychology program at Texas A&M.
    • Danielle Hanger (BS student) starting PsyD program at University of the Pacific.
    • Brooke Erickson starting the Counseling Psychology Masters Program at University of Denver.


MSU Women's Center Students of Achievement Awards     March 2016

Women's Center Student of Achievement awards

Five Psychology majors received “Student of Achievement” awards through the MSU Women’s Center. These included Rose Dormanen, Ryan Erickson, Danielle Hanger, Julie Theis, and Colleen Trottier.

Each Spring during Women's History Month, the Women's Center and the MSU Alumni Foundation honor the "Student of Achievement" Awardees. These students have worked hard to promote diversity and equality, have demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities, excelled in their school work, and served as strong roles models for their peers.

Thirteen MSU students received “Student of Achievement” awards through the MSU Women’s Center for their hard work, community activism, and leadership at a reception on March 30th.  Five of the 13 students were Psychology majors! These included Rose Dormanen, Ryan Erickson, Danielle Hanger, Julie Theis, and Colleen Trottier.


Awards for Excellence   February 2016

Danielle Hanger

Danielle Hanger, pictured with her mentor Dr. Keith Hutchison, was recognized for campus leadership and community service at the annual Awards for Excellence banquet.

Undergraduate Danielle Hanger was given an "award for Excellence" from MSU and honored at a banquet Tuesday night. Danielle was also given the "outstanding undergraduate award" in Psychology last December. Congratulations Danielle!

Forty of Montana State University’s top seniors and their faculty and staff mentors were recognized Tuesday, Feb. 16, at the 34th annual Awards for Excellence banquet held on the MSU campus.

The MSU Alumni Association and the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce co-hosted the banquet. Honored students were nominated by faculty in their college or department. Qualified seniors must have at least a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, as well as demonstrated campus leadership and community service.

The award-winning students each selected a mentor who was honored with them at the event.


New Faculty Member   Spring 2016

The Psychology department welcomes newly-hired Assistant Professor Dr. Neha John-Henderson! Dr. John-Henderson is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh and her research interest is psychoneuroimmunology. Specifically, how early life environments such as socioeconomic status affect later health.


Dr. Smith awarded Fellow status   Fall 2015

Dr. Jessi Smith has been named an Association for Psychological Science fellow. As an APS Fellow, Dr. Smith now becomes part of a distinguished group of peers whose work has influenced the field of psychological science in important and lasting ways. She was also named a Fellow of the American Psychological Association.


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